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August 17, 2009



What a great picture of your daughter!! I love everything you shared! What a great blog post! Have fun on your vacation! I am guessing it is a vacation! LOL


Great photo :) And I can't wait to hear about the "Somewhere huge" :)


Ooooo! I like this picture border!!

Remember to breath. Big deep breath. I'm sending good thoughts your way!


That's a fun little list there! Sorry about your back Laura, hope you feel better! I love quiet time around the house in the evening...it seriously keeps me grounded!
And I love that pic of Alyssa and the fun frame! Super cute!


Love this idea Laura - thanks for sharing with us....and I am with you on the quiet time...my time is in the morning before work while everyone else is still sleeping!


very cute! I had to use this and make my own on my blog ;) thanks for sharing Laura!


What a fun idea!

Cute pic - love the border! So where are you going - can you say can you say??

Sara Rossi

Love the list...I can sorta see it as a LO! Love the pic of Alyssa in her Twilight shirt! CAN NOT wait to see what you do with that! Hope your back feels better. I know your pain. Can't wait to hear more on your trip! ;)

Lynn Ghahary

This is great! Now I know what you've been up to today since we haven't chatted *sniff sniff* - just kidding! Sounds like a great day! Missed ya though! :)


i am SO taking this idea from you...coming to my blog someday soon :)

love alyssa's shirt. do they make that in maternity?? LOL

Laura T.

What a great idea for a blog post ... too bad I already did a post today. I'll save for another day. Love the border around Alyssa's picture.

Sandi N.


Great post love reading about your details.

Love Alyssa's shirt. She is growing up.

How are your project going?

Sandi N.

Kim Rose

I love this idea for a blog post. I just might have to blog lift if that is ok. Great pic! Your girls are adorable!

Amanda V.

Love this post, and love the border on the cute picture. --is the border something you can share with us? :)


I LOVE that Twilight shirt!!!!

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