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August 09, 2009



Love the page -- do you put both 8 1/2x11 and 12x12 pages in your same book? I like the smaller pages sometimes, but rarely make them.

Wow -- school starts today. We still have a couple seeks -- don't start here until the 27th.

Sasha Farina

regular schedule rocks! i always get so much done when we're in a routine :D

krolski (kathy)

I love this layout! I finally used a collage format on a layout like you have shown on your blog. I think it turned out fairly good. http://www.flickr.com/photos/krolski/3801168735/

Thanks for showing that technique!

Jen Gallacher

I can't believe they start school already. Mine go back next week. CRAZY!!

Sara Rossi

I love the LO--think it's cool as 8 1/2 x 11! It's fun to scrap a different size now & then! Love the Jillibean Soup---it's on my wishlist!

Can't believe the girls go back to school already! They must be excited after the summer home! Good luck to them!!


Great eye candy to view till you get back!
love the colors in this layout


I agree the summer has flown by! It will be great to be back on a routine! Good luck tomorrow!


Wow!! The kids here would love to have the holidays you guys have over there. . .
Great you could still squeeze in a layout:)

Lisa Howard

Great page Laura! I hope all goes well on the first day of school. I remember all too well how bittersweet the first day back can be for mom. Good luck getting those projects done!


New to your blog; it's really great. I'd love to know if your studio island is custom made or if not, where you got it. I'm looking for something similar and was thinking I'd have to go custom.


cute pic and I love the color scheme...that's for taking the time to think about us, I know you're so busy!!


huge fan here. Kids in Miami go back the 24th and i cannot wait...is that so bad? nah!

Mary MacAskill

What?? Summer is over?! Hope your big project is going well! :)


pretty pretty! hope the girls had a great first day back!

Brenda Hurd

super cute girls - its so crazy that its time to go back to school already - we still have a few weeks but its coming fast!!

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