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August 02, 2009



Yes July was an amazing month for you! Woo hoo! I'm so happy and proud of your accomplishments and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger!!
And thanks for the collage, its so pretty and professional looking. Like the way you captured everything.
Can't wait for you to see your mags in real life!

Sandi N.


I was going to send (I'm proud of you) email when things calmed down around here.

I guess I can say it all here. Yes, I did see both months of CK both your studio and this month layout and tips. I am so proud of you. I really admire your designs. In fact I have made nine layouts this week. Sometimes I have my laptop open next to me and look off your albums when I need a jumping off point or get stuck. You make it so easy looking. When I know it takes a lot of time and care to produce and share your ideas with us.

Congrats to you and many thanks for sharing your passion with us.

Sandi N.

Sara Rossi

I think you deserve each & every one of these wonderful accomplishments!! You know how I feel about your amazing work & how much you inspire me. It is your time to shine my friend!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Heather Crawford

Congrats girl! Hey, when you're good, you're good..what can you say? Lol..love your designs and always get excited when I see you published! :)

michelle lanning

there you go again taking up those pages with your beautiful work! CONGRATS girlie you totally deserve it!!!

jen shears

Wow! Congrats on so many highlights!! Your work is always such an inspiration!


I always knew you would be great and just think I can say I knew you when LOL. Totally kidding just wanted to say Congrats my friend!


Whoo-hoo!!! Way to go! You totally deserve it! :-)


Hey Laura, I saw your work in the magazine, since we do not get it here, i signed up for the online version, and i was pleased to see you there once again, congratulations! You can only be proud of your amazing inspiration and also kiss the girls, because they add a lot of zing to your fabulous layouts;)


Congrats, I get the online version, must go and check it out...

wendy myers

That is so FANTASTIC! You are so deserving of all of this. Can't wait to get my copy of CK.

Your studio is one of the best organized and cleanest I have ever seen!

You go Girl!!!

ana roat

I was at Michael's yesterday and saw the magazine. It was awesome! Your work is beautiful and you deserve recognition. Keep it coming sista!


you, are a ROCK STAR!! So, glad that I follow your blog! :)


your work is gorgeous! i am so happy for you! congrats!

Vera Wirianta

Congrats on all the publication!! You're my scrapbook idol!! :)


Amazing and fantastic! Congratulations! What I find surprising is that it took this long for CK to realize what a talented scrapper you are! I have a friend who has been in CK several times, and she's not HALF as good as you....


Congratulations Laura!!

wendy Lojik

Wow! You never fail to amaze me!


Of course you should be proud and let us know...you work hard and deserve some recognition for it. I need to flip through some magazines and find your stuff.



Thanks for sharing! I did not know about the Cards issue too! Of, course, you should share, we love hearing about it! Your work is amazing, and I am so happy to see "you", all over the place! Congrats!!!!!


How awesome! Congratulations! Your work is fantastic and you really deserve being recognized!!!!


CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are having a great publishing year - you go girl!! Glad to let us know . . . I'll have to look for that issue. Michael's?

Wendy Sue

What a great month for you! Congrats - your recognitions are very well deserved! :o)


your work is awesome and deserve the recognition, so brag all you want! i love your scrap room space.


Laura, Laura, Laura! You know how much I love your layouts and design style. You should be so very proud of yourself! You inspire so many of us in blog land and it is an extra special treat for us when we get to see you in print too! Thanks for always sharing with us and helping us be better scrapbookers too!

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