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August 23, 2009



Gosh Laura! This is gorgeous!! Those pictures are so tween and the girls will cherish this when they're older. I know I would.
Love the use of the alphabet soup letters! I hoard those too and when I saw them for 1.99 last year at Archivers, I bought all the colors.
Now you want me to go and use mine!


Love those letters, Laura! I go through phases where I think things are just too good to use, and then I go through other phases where I'm like... well if I don't use it, what good is it!? At least if I use it, I get to keep it forever in my scrapbook! :) I want some of those Alphabet Soup letters, though! Too cute!

Oh, and what a relief to know you don't care that the glue dots are showing ;) Makes me feel much more normal! Hehe!

Sara Rossi

This is well worth the wait Laura!! Such a FUN LO too! I hoard stuff way too much as well & I say the same thing that it's "too special" for this!! LOL!! Good to know I'm not alone in my thinking!! AWESOME work as usual!!


I am the same way with those letters, and most everything KI or Doodlebug...silly, I know! Love your layout!

Lisa Howard

Cool layout and cool subject! Wish I had pics of things like that when my kiddos were younger!

Laura T.

Love the layout and those letters are so cute. I love glue dots and have learned to let go of being able to see the dot under the transparent letters/buttons.


Great layout! What a great memory to scrapbook! I will have to remember to pull out those KI letters when I am reunited with my scrapbook supplies! Have a happy Monday!!!

Sandi N.


I just love the balance of this layout. Don't you just love the Fiskars border punch. I have a project I did with it last week. I can post it soon.

Have a great week!

Sandi N.

krolski (kathy)

Another great LO Laura. Love those acrylic letters. I have not seen them before!


fun and hip LO. i, too, use glue dots for the letters because i can't find a glue that will keep it stuck to the paper.

i still have 5 cans of the letters in different colors from qvc awhile back. thanks for the inspiration!

Kim M

Super cute but I am the same way, I find the papers first then look for pics to match. I have even been so desperate before that I would 'dress" my kids to match the pp in my stash.

Lynn Ghahary

Super cute Laura. I think I may have some of those letters too somewhere and the gloo as well although I've never even used it! Wonder if it's even still good? LOL


I love those acrylic letters so much!

Sasha Farina

i've told you this before.. but you're a genius using multi style alphas on one layout!


Those letters are cool!! I do that too - why I keep them thinking they are too great to use on my own families layouts I'll never know - my goofy brain is to blame!

Carmel Keane

This is such a gorgeous LO and I love how you described it coming together. I think the subject is great and in a few years time when the girls are into something completely different you will be pleased that you captured it. Thanks too for your honesty re. the glue dots. It is soooo nice to have someone be so relaxed about their work and yet still creat great things which inspire others.


ahhh... alphabet soup, down to the last few cans at the store :) I think it's been 4 years... and I still haven't even used mine!

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