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August 06, 2009



I'm really diggin' the quick and easy! I see some scraplifting in my future :)


I love this Laura!! The 8x12 is perfect for that picture and looks great with the 2 page LO. And I like the lace paper to represent water. I still have some of that.
Never even though about having a 12x12 collage printed at Costco, great way to show all those pics!

Sara Rossi

Aha! The infamous Costco collages! I just LOVE how they look AND how easy they make scrapping so many pics!! Were the collages made in Photoshop or the SBE collages? I can't tell you enough how much I love these! And I'm all about quick & easy!

wendy bretz


Heather M.

I love your photo collages! you rock!


love quick and easy collages! what program do you use to make them? i've been making them a lot on picasa 3, but looking for other options....


ooooh, love it!!! How do print them as a collage at Costco? I print my pix there, too!

Victoria S.

Love them! the collages look so good and it is a great way to show lots of pictures -you are my fave scrapper for showcasing lots of pictures. :-)


Love the easy, and quick photo collages! I may try and step out of my comfort zone, and try this one day! LOL Thanks for the inspiration!


what great ideas! thanks for sharing.



liek the pages a lot -- I do a lot of collage pages too! :)


Collages are great for those activities that you have a ton of pics you want to scrap and get on only one layout or one double pager...great job! I love your collages...thanks for sharing!


Love it! what a great idea :)


You are my scrapping idol! The collage idea is something I must try. With 3 kids and hundreds of pics to scrap I am overwhelmed. Your layouts make me feel like I may someday be able to get the pictures in books. Thanks for all your inspiration!

Sandi N.


You have me hooked collage layouts. I had a lot printed a couple weeks ago at Costco. I have scrapped 9-11 pages the past two weeks. Lost count as some went together so quickly. I need to take photos to share.

I also love how quick the collage come together. I am working on photos as old as 2000 and 2001. This has been a big help.

Sandi N.


That lace paper really caught my eye! I love it.
What a fun time at Boomers! I remember going there with my youth group as a kid and LOVING the race track. It's still my favorite!

Mary Lynn

I like how all of the pages look. I like all of the colors on them. New to Coscto photo dept. I was surprised they did that.
I will have to try that


how kewl to use the lace paper to represent water/waves. i have that paper! i just purchase photoshop and will play around w/ the collage feature. thanks for the inspiration!

Wendy Sue

Look at you go - I am amazed at how many photos you can get onto one spread...and they still look so clean and organized...and beautiful! :o)


too stinkin cute. I so want to sit down and scrap when I see your stuff. What a perfect way to scrap a bunch of photos yet they all have a great flow. Maybe tonight i can get scrappy since you inspire or is enable since I need all your embellies.


Thanks for a great idea in doing collages for scrap pages! I've printed out collage of photo's and framed them for friends as gifts but never thought of doing a collage, printing out at Walgreens,whereever and then using it for a scrap page. Makes since especially for those occassions where I have tons of photo's to scrap.


Lot of pics!! Love it!


Your last layouts are so cute and pretty ! especially the "trendy" one, love the colors and embellishments.
Have a good day

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