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September 13, 2009


Lynda p

Thanks for such a great post. I felt like I was standing right there in your studio! Love everything. Wish I had half the space u do. Just wondering, it did take u some tome to acquire all your storage jars & baskets? I don't work f/t & am always on the look out for budget friendly storage.

Sasha Farina

WHAT? How could you? Move from here? Goodness laura.. I will bawl if I have to move!! awesome studio.. you know I adore your space :D


GOOOOOOD LUCK, with the move Laura!! I think it might be some effort to make such a move with all the things you have! love your studio as it is now, but can't wait to see the new space.


you are keen, that is all I can say. you have a lot of stuff to move! wasn't your space downstairs once before?


Laura I loved seeing your space in the mag and even better reading more about it here. Good luck with the move downstairs - makes sense if that's where you spend most of your day. Can't wait to see it all repositioned.

Lynn Brown

Thanks so much for sharing more pictures of your space. You are lucky to have such a talented mom. I don't envy the moving thing...I moved my Expedit (25 shelf-er) from the upstairs to the basement, and it was NOT fun! I had to take the whole thing apart. Ugh! I really like the end result, though. Good luck with your move!

wendy myers

I just love your space, and how you organize. I know you enjoy being there surounded by all these colors.

I am very excited about your new space, can't wait to check it out!


I think you will like having your stuff downstairs! Can't wait to see it all! Thanks for having the garage sale too, that was a neat idea! Makes me think I should get rid of some stuff, but I am a terrible hoarder when it comes to sb stuff!

Kim M

Did I say how much I wanna be you? LOL!! OMG, your space is even more amazing than the pics you posted in the mags. I love seeing all the up close detail photos and it looks like a small LSS with all those supplies, pure heaven!!


Your creative space is to die for...and your mother is a talented lady! Most people will say my dad built this for me but you can say my super talented cool mom built these shelves and furniture pieces!
And I do not blame you for moving your space if it is going to make you more productive or be a better location for the family. I am in a constant state or reorganizing and relocating things in my house so I understand.


ok... i want to come and play :) thanks for sharing your space, and i can't wait to see what you do with your new spot!


Laura, thanks for the fabulous tour and neat ideas, Like you I store my pattern paper by Manufactuer the easiest way for me to find what I need, I could never sort by color or design, and I can always remember who made what paper I have.. Great job on those items made by your mom. Good luck with your move, and can't wait to see what your new space looks like.

Mary Lynn

I am so jealous. what a really neat area. I wold love to have a space for my scrapbook stuff. That is so great that your Mom made those items for you. She seems so talented.
How big will your new space be?
Will everything fit in the new area?


Ok you already know how envious I am of your uber talented mother (can't I adopt her LOL). And I wish I had one space let alone two places in which to choose from (someday LOL) But I am again so very happy for you and like what I have seen so far of the move can't wait to see more. Talk to you soon!

Rhadonda Sedgwick

When i saw your space in the magazine i said that is my most favorite of all and if i could have a space it would be like that. I tore the pages out. I just moved my small space from downstairs to an upstairs bedroom. What a move! I do not envy you but when it is more accessible it is much better. Now if i could only make "space" in my day to accomplish anything! Congrats on the awesome space and one talented mom!

Sandi N.


LOL...you will be so happy downstairs. Close to the daycare children and a short walk to the kitchen to make dinners, laundry. Best of luck in the move. I am sure it will be wonderful.

Thanks for sharing you lovely spot of joy:)

Sandi N.


have fun with your move! I know you will LOVE it!

Sara Rossi

I just LOVE your studio!! I keep showing Joe your pics telling him I like this & that & that & that...hoping he gets the hint since I need more space! LOL!! SUPER excited for you about your new space!! I'm sure it'll be much more practical for you. Can't wait to see it!! Happy re-organizing!!!

Cindy C.

Thanks for sharing photos of your space. Can't wait to see pictures of your new location.
Can you tell me where you found the inspirational words you have on top of your cubbies - "Imagine" and "Inspire"? I have been looking all over for something similar and can't find any.


Can't wait to see your new space! I'm sure it will be great.

DUCK . . . I think I just saw someone throw something at you!


I can't wait to see how it all comes together! What are going to do with the upstairs space?


What??? haha! I love this loft space and now you're moving it all?

Laura T.

Good luck moving your space downstairs ... I know you said it will be easier for you ... but girl, that is a LOT of stuff to move. I am looking forward to seeing how you set everything up in your new space ... we will all be patiently waiting for those pictures to be posted.

Heather Jordan

Wow, Laura. Moving really? What an enormous job...I love your space and your knack for organization. Can't wait to see the new space though! GOOD LUCK!

krolski (kathy)

Wow, I would love to have a creative space like this! Your mom is one talented lady! And I can't believe you're moving all this stuff! Wow, that's a big undertaking. Do you remember where you bought the words, "Inspire" and "Imagine" that are on top of the bookshelves? I've been looking for something like this for quite some time and have not been able to find them. Thanks! Can't wait to see pics of your new space!

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