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September 27, 2009



WOW!! I love it! You are such a git 'er done type of person. I love how you were able to change things up to fit how you work currently.


Great room. Love the blue, black and white color scheme with a dose of red. You could always paint the chair legs and back in red too, for another punch of color. Happy scrapping!


you really have been busy! I don't know why i thought you were bringing your scrap stuff into the diningroom/new playroom...but I think that is a great idea to have it in the room! It looks great! I'm sure you will get a lot more accomplished too!


Upstairs, Downstairs...whatever works for you and I think you've made an excellent decision. I don't know how you do it all, really. Everything is so neat and organized..I think I'm gonna just move in. Got any extra room for me?
But I agree with having everything you need just steps away from the kiddies...
Did you ever wear a pedometer to see how many steps you were taking going up and down those stairs?
Enjoy your new space..it's going to work out perfectly for you!


YaY!! I'm so excited to see your new room! Its really cute and really organized. Its amazing how much you can really fit in there without looking cluttered at all. I love, love the desk too!! It matches the room perfectly and I love the black, blue, and red color scheme! You made a great decision here.
Have to add that I like the idea of putting the jars on top of the boxes. Cleaver!
And the playroom looks great with the island in it!
Thank you so much for sharing with us...that post must of taken forever to type!


Awesome! It is all about the efficiency in my opinion. Looks great.

Sara Rossi

WOW!! You know how excited I've been to see your new space & you sure didn't dissapoint!! I think it looks GREAT! And definately more efficient for you. I just LOVE your desk!! I was hysterical at the "facing the doorway so no one could sneak up on you" comment--that is SO me!! I tell my family I'm going to tie bells around their ankles!! ;)

I agree that the change is a good one for the little kids too--makes everything seem new to them. And I love the idea of stashing the backpacks there!! This was well worth all the hard work you put into it (& Joe too)!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

krolski (kathy)

Your "new" space looks so great! That big island is just amazing and it works well now for the kiddies' toys/things. I'm glad you're not having to run all over and are less stressed now. Love all the photos! Thanks for sharing.

Wendy Lojik

Looks like you are going to be more organized and productive than ever. I love your style!

Jen Johner

LOVE it Laura! Look fabulous! I love how you tied the 2 spaces together.. it will be so great for you! :)


Laura I LOVE your newspace, looks like it will work much better for you.. Nice to see all your organizational tips too, love the shelfs and especially love the Blue color.

Oh Happy Birthday to Alyssa hope the slumber party was fun!!


woohoo! it's done! Congrats!


organized...i bow before you.

wendy bretz

hey, we have the same black desk! :)
isn't it awesome!?!!
love the new space laura :)

Heather Jordan

Wow, Laura. That looks great! I'm glad you're getting more accomplished. And I love the blue. So darling!
I have that same desk from Target as well, but sometimes it's just not big enough if I have a bunch of stuff out. (You mentioned you had the same desk when you looked at my two peas layouts)
Good luck with it all!

erin yamabe

what a beautiful space, laura. i love the blue/red combo.

susan d.

glad that it's all come together!


Happy Birthday to Alyssa! Hope they managed some sleep overnight!! :)
I only just got my hands on the CK issue with your old scrap space in and you go and change it already - LOL! Love this new room, very organised! I have my office/scrap space upstairs so know what it is like having to constantly run downstairs to sort out kids then back up, and down, and up - feeling like a yo-yo!

Sonia (Sony)

Hi Laura
Your new space look FABULOUS!!!
Happy Scrapping!


Sandi N.


I am glad you have your space downstairs and it sounds like it is going to help you be very productive too. Looks wonderful!

I treasure all your hard work you share with us. Please know how much I enjoy your blog.

Sandi N.


Laura I can tell how much you're loving the move and how well it's working for you - that is so great. It all makes perfect sense really with your daycare mum role that your scrapping stuff is handy for those little moments when you can get something done.I'm so glad it's relieving pressure and making you more productive already - that's good for us who love to see your creativity:))))) Cheers!


I'm lovin' your new space! It looks gorgeous!! You will definitely be able to be productive there. :)

I was thinking about getting some of those Ikea Expedit bookcases. They're really a bugger to put together? :( Augh!


This looks great and so very functional! I love the new playroom and the island fits perfectly there with so much storage for the toys. And your new office is very lovely and calming... once you rest up from all the moving, I bet you find yourself shut in there at night having some much needed alone time. Thanks for sharing!


Happy Birthday Alyssa!!!
Laura it is looking great just as I knew it would LOL. See you soon.


I love your new space!!! Definitely now it's better for you, so you don't have to go upstairs and downstairs all the time!!
Just one suggestion: if someday you don't have enough space and you don't know where your big aisle can go... I have plenty of room in my house...lol!!! Just kidding!!!

Happy birthday to Alyssa!!!


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