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September 27, 2009



Yah you made it downstairs - woohoo!! Sure sounds like it's going to be more productive for you. I was wondering where you would put that amazing island and it looks like it found a great new home (you probably had tons of offers to take it off your hands - lol). I bet the kids love all the shelves and such . . . funny how it makes it all feel new :)

I love your wall of daycare pics - sleek black frames make a pop!

HB to A!! Such a great day ~ she shares her bday w/ my son :)


Thanks for sharing. I bought Expedit shelves too- thanks to your previous studio photos. Love them! I attached the desk to it that IKEA sells too and added another set of cubes up on top to make them bigger (a 1X5 cube laying down).

Mary Lynn

That looks total awesome. It looks great. I like all of the colors that you used.
Plus being so organized.

Happy Birthday to Alyssa!!!


wow! lovely :) thanks for sharing with all of us! and Happy Birthday, Alyssa!!! Hope you had a great day!

Kim M

I love your new space. I can see why you moved it and think from what you said that it really seems to be working. Can't wait to see all the new projects you will now be able to create!

Tricia Peever

Wow!! It looks great! Love the colours!


OMG! Laura, very nice work space!!! I love how you have everything so organized. BTW, I ordered 10 of those Cropper Hoppers for my 12x12 papers. I hope it is enough.

Laura T.

I love your new space and what a great idea to put the island in the playroom for storage for the kiddies.

I'm glad you are being more productive in your new space ... can't wait to see what you've been working on.


awesome redo laura! my fave part is the stinky soccer cleat shelf. hee.

happy birthday alyssa!!!


wow... it's amazing!!! i love how well organized it is!! some day... my dream room will materialize!


Love it!!!! Love your desk in the scrap room! BTW, we are enjoying the bookshelves! They are the pefect size! Yippee!!!
Happy happy birthday to Alyssa!!!!


WOW!!! What a big job!!! I love your scrapbook room - it is organized beautifully!!!


Hi Laura,
Once again you did a GREAT job in your new scraproom. There's a lot of things I like about it. First, like you, I like to face the door ( i get freak easily too). The way that everything is within easy reach or a short walk is nice. I'm sure you'll have lots more LO to be able to create that way. Love the color blue and the red curtain adds a nice splash of color. Thanks for sharing as usual.


Lynn Ghahary

love it all girl! it's amazing!


Ahh...I have been waiting for this post. I find I scrap much better if I am with the family as opposed to a separate room or separate floor. I like your new space it si very refreshing. Also the island works perfect for the toys that was a great idea.

Nancy Jones

looks beautifulll!!!


Wow, Im trying to work out how to revamp my scrap space...I think I will just model mine on yours!!! LOL!!! it looks fantastic! well done, you must be so happy:)


you are one lucky scrapper! i love the color combo :)

Megan Hoeppner

What a wonderfully happy space this is. In fact, you're entire home (or at least the parts I can see) look warm and smiling! Thanks for sharing the look inside. So very cute and inspiring! :)

Helen Lebrett

Love your space!! The walls are so refreshing, and I love the black shelves against them: great job putting it all together!! thanks for sharing with us.
Where did you get your desk? I love it and would love to check one out.

Tammy aka @Tammy_Skipper

I just found your page from Pinterest and am currently reworking my office space with an Expedit I got on Craigslist. Can you tell me what you are using for paper shelves for your scrapbook paper? That's exactly what I want: something to fit right on the shelf, thanks!!


HI ...I love your scraproom. could you tell me where you got the desk and the wall unit? It also looks like there are dividers for scrappaper in the bookshelf? Where did you get that? I want to make over my office into a scrap/craft rooom and yours looks great :)


I love the expedit cabinet and how you used the space - i was wondering on the one cabinet you have the scrap paper lying horizontal on shelves? Is it an actual unit in the cubby hole or did you put in shelves for the paper to lye in? Hope you can help.

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