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September 16, 2009


Sasha Farina

hahahha.. do you want me to get you some privacy! seriously.. absolutely.. stinkin' cute!


I love listening in on my kids conversations - I have a notebook to write down all their cute comments! Like the day I heard Emma exclaim 'I don't want to play this anymore, I want to play shopping!' - that's my girl!!

Sandi N.


LOL...kids say the funniest things.

Sandi N.

Sara Rossi

HAHAHA!! They really are too cute! I think it's hysterical that Nicholas put the sticker back on to leave! What a funny little guy! BTW--I "think" the tattoos will come off w/rubbing alcohol.

Wendy Lojik

So stinking CUTE!


So cute!!! And I can't wait to see your new space downstairs!!! I know it will be wonderful!!!



Very cute story and kids. Thanks for sharing.


your right Laura they are stinkin cute!! Love the stickers and tattoos, good for Haley being different.. lol
Haley was too cute with her comment about privacy... when my kids were little they were always in there with me my bathroom was not sacred.. lol


They are SO stinkin' cute - I love reading the stories about these two! I'm just waiting to see H in some Ed Hardy tatoos next - she would probably love them! And those smiley stickers - I wouldn't be able to stop laughing at the forhead one - he is a cutie!!


Too funny :) Man, kids just crack me up! My boy is obsessed with tattoos, too, and Sara's right, they will come right off with rubbing alcohol.


lol at "do you want me to get you some privacy?"!!! They are so adorable and really getting big. Love her tatoos and the stickers are a riot. My son always sticks them on his arms and legs too!!


Reading this post makes me want to do daycare again! How stinkin' cute these kids are!

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