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October 04, 2009


Sara Rossi

These are so pretty!! I just got some of the Vintage Findings & needed some ideas! You always manage to inspire me!

Carla Jean

Gosh Laura! These are so gorgeous and so perfect for the ad. Seriously, it really catches the eye! So fun to see your projects in mags...heck, I saw you in Hobby Lobby yesterday! Well, your CK cover LO that is. LOL!
Glad you're promising us some more blogging. I could use some more inspiration!

Robyn W.

I love that Vintage Findings line - so fun! Cute samples! Your so lucky you get to play with it all! :)


Cute! Looks like lots of fun stuff to play with!

How are you doing with your 365 kit? I keep toying with the idea of doing one, until reality sets in, and I say forget it, I would never keep up with it!

krolski (kathy)

These are so pretty Laura. I've been wanting that Slice fonts design card. I'm waiting for it to go on sale though. :)

Rhonda Steed

Oh you make me want a slice so much!!!! LOVE that line from MM!!

Heather M.

wow, gorgeous stuff, laura! you are so talented!


Wow, very nice Laura! Now I'm debating on what new cartridge to buy for my Slice.


Projects are gorgeous! I especially like the Studio Essentials album :)

susan d.

i love this line!! i want all of it! love your project, too!


These are delish! I love all this vintage stuff.

Sandi N.


I love this style. I really have a difficult time working with it but, oh how I love it. Thanks for sharing. I am glad you are not challenged with Vintage designs.

Sandi N.


So gorgeous & so perfect!!!... I love the Eiffel Tower image.


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