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October 27, 2009


Wendy Bretz

I am so excited you guys were a part of this amazing opportunity!


Awesome post! I had to film a couple of infomercials, and it was intimidating to say the least! It was even worse to see myself in the final product. I sounded like a dork.


Great post! Love the picture frame with the girls.


What a great post! Thanks for all the details, and pictures! It does look like it was a great time! Loving the picture frame!! Yeah, for you!

wendy myers

That is so wonderful, even though like you said you didn't make the final cut, you got experience for next time holloywood comes knocking you will be ready! You are too funny. I know it makes you proud to see your projects you are a great artist! I am glad MM realizes that and you share it all with your blog readers!


You are one lucky lady!! what a great adventure, great post,like those pillows.


Congrats for being part of this wonderful opportunity!!!



Who was the teacher???


Congradulations! This is TOO cool!

krolski (kathy)

Congrats! This is MORE than so cool! How fun! Sorry you didn't make the final cut, but your projects did and that's great!!


Wow what a story. It is to bad you didn't make the final cut. I am glad you had so much fun though and met some new friends. :) That would have been so fun to have been up late one day and saw you in an infomercial. That is how I ended up with my cricut. LOL Maybe I will soon own a slice too.


You wrote that whole experience perfectly, more than I can describe it! I had such an amazing time being involved in the infomercial and meeting you and Cindy! It was so nice to see all your projects in person...seriously, just much more than one can capture on the camera!
And it was fun rooming and chatting with you...I can't believe how late I stayed up, well worth it!
And yes I was nervous meeting you, in a good way of course...not sure exactly why but I've never met anyone IRL after I became good friends meeting them through the internet.
It was so cool seeing all your projects in the infomercial! That frame project is so gorgeous and they show it all the time!
And you described the filming part perfectly...so true, its crazy then all of the sudden they're all staring at you with lights blaring in your face! LOL!
Thanks again for blogging about this, its so nice to be able to come out about this!
I couldn't have asked for any better to share this experience with :)

Sara Rossi

So glad to finally get to hear ALL about the "secret mission" instead of little bits here & there. You described it beautifully! So sorry you didn't make the final cut after all, but the experience of the trip & getting to meet people IRL after all these years is worth it!! And how cool that your projects are showcased?!?! BTW--you look like an actress reading your lines in the chair -- SO professional!!! ;)

Stephanie Klauck

How fun!
That is so cool! :-)


WOW WOW WOW!!! What an amazing experience and what an honor - VeRy cOoL!!! It must have been great to meet your online peeps in real life. That place looks amazing - it would be hard not to be able to stay and site see-man! Thanks for sharing all your fun - your projects are always great!


loved reading your experience Laura. so cool & i'm so glad we got the chance to meet in person & become friends. love the photo of you w/ the limo, perfect!!!


Yes, what an exciting trip! Once in a lifetime experience!


Thanks Laura for putting this blog together. It truly represents the process. Meeting you, Tammy, Carla and Cindy was the best part of the trip. You are so creative that it blows me away. I got a copy of the infomercial today from the production company ... maybe yours is in the mail!

You're such a sincere and warm person ... thanks for including me in your blog. Heather

Heather M.

wow, how cool is that?!?!?! sounds like a real experience!


Sounds like a great experience, Laura! I'm glad you got to get away and meet some cyber friends. I understand exactly what you said about being interviewed and losing your thought half way through. I don't do this on job interviews, but I do when I have to publicly speak standing in front of an audience!

Lynn Ghahary

fabulous post laura! and what an amazing experience. i kinda like the part where they said your curls were "too wild" hee hee! love all your projects and you definitely make the cut in my book! ;)


I was so sorry to read that you didn't make the final cut! That sucks!! I just got the Slice a few weeks ago and I am really having fun with it.


What a neat experience. I love that frame!


Wow, what an amazing experience. I would be hopeless interviewed on television with everyone looking at me, I had to do a radio interview once and I babbled for about 10 minutes and had no idea afterwards what I had said, it had all gone blank,lol. Too bad you didn't make the final cut but the main thing is yor gorgeous work did and your girls are stars too by the look of things.


Thanks for sharing your experience with us Laura. I'm glad you got to get away and be pampered..sort of!
You look beautiful by the way!

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