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October 26, 2009


Sara Rossi

What a teaser post!! ;) The frame is simply beautiful!! Great idea! Love the colors! Can't wait to see tomorrow's post!!!


awesome! can't wait to read abt another laura vegas adventure! :D


I love, love this frame and it is definately an amazing piece of art! Do you have it still or is it in someone else's possession?
Well, if this is a preview, then I really can't wait until your next post!

erin terrell clarkson

ha. you're such a tease!! ;o)


whoooo hoooo another reason to check Laura's blog tomorrow!!! Great idea, and you are enticing me to put the Slice on a wish list.. love this type of art!

Victoria S.

Can't wait to see the post -i have remembered that you had something you couldnt share yet and have been very curious! LOVE the pictue frame - very nice!


I love this project along with every other project you have ever made LOL!


Making us wait, huh??? :-) I LOVE when you share (well, everything, really), BUT really when you share home decor. I want to expand my scrapbooking to home decor, so I really like seeing your stuff. I couldn't find the picture you have hanging next to your front door on your blog...do you know where it is on here? I loved it! :-)


your blog is going to crash tomorrow as we all race to log on and see the news - lol!!

great frame project - love it!!! such a cute pic of the girls :)

Sandi N.


Your project turned out really cute. I look forward to see tomorrows post.

Sandi N.

Heather M.

ooooh, cool use of all those tags!


Love the shadowbox! Will have to check back tomorrow for the big reveal!!! Hope you are doing well!!!!

Shir Benovich

The cork looks real, the picture is beautiful! The colors and design are great!
Love it!


Ahhh, this is lovely:) thanx for sharing laura.

wendy myers

This is so so cute, Who would have thought about tags with cork board. I love it!

can't wait to see more!

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