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October 06, 2009



gurl, i think with the paper upside down adds character to it--i love it!--the more mistakes, the better---stop being so hard on your cute self--LOL----remain blessed!!!

janet krause

hey Laura- you didn't make a mistake..isn't every thing halloween related- topsy-turvy, spooky and with a 'twist'....ha!

love all the small details...you're the best.


I love it Laura...and especially the paper upside down..that's the spookiest part...
Great job!

wendy myers

You are funny, me I would have had to redo it, because it would bug me to no end.

It is adorable and I did not notice till you told it!!

Great Job!

Sandi N.


This is what I love about you. I can relate to you on so many levels. I am enjoying this week of found objects from your stash. I am sure you uncovered lots of goodness in your sb room move.

Love the "H" it give happiness to your home.

Sandi N.

Laura T.

Too cute! I absolutely love those puffy "Halloween" letters.

krolski (kathy)

This is waaaay cute! Instead of thinking of that as a mistake, you should just tell people you meant to do that. That's the "trick" part of trick or treat. heeheee... :)


Haha! I didn't even notice that! I like it that way. It's still cute and I like how you decorated it!


The paper upside down look fabulous with the theme of Halloween.. I think look great.
Love it!!!


wendy lojik

So Cute!


I love how simple it is. Not too much, not too little. Just the right amount. Like always! Super cool, Laura. I think the words upside down add to the spookyness! Maybe a little ghost did it... lol


I can't believe you would post something with a mistake LOL totally kidding and you are right no one would really notice it if you didn't point it out. I am so like you and would have pointed it out too LOL. Great project by the way!


I couldn't find the mistake until you said it. This is clever Laura!! What a way to use those letters! I like the lace ribbon...it really adds to this!


Great idea Laura, and you could just say you were a Vampire and hanging upside down for the (paper) oops!

Lynda p

Another masterpiece lady. Hmm I have smaller cb letters. Do u think it would work? I just picked up some more Halloween stuff today too ! I'm hitting the creative desk tomorrow. Umm I can take pic with my iPhone & email it to u ( if that's ok?).

Heather M.

that is sooo cute!

Sara Rossi

You crack me up!! I did NOT notice any mistake & kept looking since I'm curious but missed it till you pointed it out! I think Halloween is all about backwards/spooky/tricks!! I guess you're decorating for Halloween after all!! ;)

jen shears

you so crack me up! And I always point out the mistakes that NOBODY else would've noticed too! what's wrong with us? :) Lol!


I would have never noticed that, either. I'm guilty of pasting papers upside down, too. I just tell myself it's more creative that way.

Love the Halloween inspiration!


Awesome job - I LOVE THIS!!!


holy Halloween projects! I have surely missed out on a lot :)

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