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October 05, 2009


Shyloh Belnap

super cute! I love it!

Sasha Farina

frame it! then you can take it out every halloween!!

wendy myers

This is adorable! Love It!

Heather Crawford

CUTE! I think I have one of those coasters somewhere..maybe I need to do something like this with it..was just thinking of dragging down the halloween decor today..

Mary Lynn

Really cute idea. I like how it went together.

Sara Rossi

This is SUPER CUTE!! I love those MM papers! Sometimes you need to play just for the creative release. Love Halloween & need to finish decorating the house! This puts me in the mood!


Love it! Very cute!

krolski (kathy)

So cute, love it! Love those big letters!

janet krause

that is cute- thanks for sharing...love the color orange right now..

Kim Rose

Adorable! This is why I love paper crafting. I love digi as well but you just don't get these projects with digi. Great work!


how fun! love those stick pins - almost bought those the other day :)


This is so cute! Thanks for sharing! I like the mug next to it too :-)

Have a great day!


Cute, cute, cute!!!

jen shears

This is adorable! I saw the new MM paper yesterday & it took all my willpower not to buy it!
Do you mind if I ask you what you adhere the paper to the chipboard with? I alter frames all the time, and use modge podge- just haven't tried the chipboard thing yet! :)

wendy bretz

you're so freakin talented! :) :)

Lynda p

That came out so cute! Love Halloween! If u raffle that off, I would buy a jazillion tix! Lol or I could just make one huh? HahA


this is SO cute! You could put it on a little easel or even punch holes and hang it from some ribbon....just SO fun! THanks for sharing!!


How freakin' cute!! I have some of that black glitter lettering. I'm saving it for who know what. lol I love the pins too! So cute.


Laura!! Love this...such a fun project to put out for Halloween! I may have to lift this. I know I have a ton of those coasters...when Keisha was using those I had to run out to buy them.
I like Diana's idea of putting it on an easel.

Sandi N.


Oh how I love this project. Your are so blessed and talented.

Here is a thought. You could use all the extras to make plant sticks (not sure of the true name)just glue a dowel stick on the back. For Fall coasters you could use a tree brancn too. It would be fun to be used in a large potted plant or outdoors. How about place cards for a party? Too much coffee this morning. Hope I suggested something good. I know how it is when you have lots of something and would like to use it in a different way.

As always many thanks for sharing your time and talent.

Sandi N.


Cute idea!!!! Love the mug too! =)
You "r" so creative. Thanks for sharing.



Cute Idea, you could make a set of 4 and use them as little wall hangings too.. :-)

Heather M.

this is awesome! any chance i could lift the idea?!

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