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October 31, 2009



I love pumpkin patch photos!! Glad you got to take the girls out...and smart to take them out during the week.
The pics with them on the bouncer look like so much fun and I cracked up at the ones with their heads in the faces...lol.
You got amazing pics!

Sandi N.


These look great! We were unable to make it this year. Every weekend but one it rain. The weekend with out rain was the marathon run.

We are going this afternoon to have our family Christmas photos made for our cards.

Sandi N.


Laura, your family is beautiful!! Love all the photos, and your little "mini me", it will be fun to see what her photos look like, I bet she has more of you! Thanks for sharing your trip, I haven't been to a real pumpkin patch in years, that happens when your kids grow up and move out I guess! lol
Have a great Halloween, and tfs your photos, I can't wait to see what ones you Scrap!

Mary Lynn

Great pictures. It looked like you all had a great time.
I have not gone to a pumpkin patch in a really long time. I miss going to them

Sara Rossi

You got some amazing pics!! Looks like a fun place to go too! Glad to see you in the pics too!


Wow, is that the place right off the freeway near you? My niece has been trying to get us to go..had no idea it was so crowded! Maybe it's better we didn't get there! CUTE pics! :-)))


Lovin' the mini me! My boys love the pictures that I get...theyhave photo's all over their rooms but have yet to even want to grab a camera and take any...


Where do you live??? We go to that Pumpkin Patch every year--love it. Although, it's been quite nuts the last couple of years. I had no idea we lived so close (I'm in Turlock!)

erin terrell clarkson

great pics! each one made me smile. joe is so good at posing for pics! the girls look beeeeautiful, as always. and you weren't blurry...at least, not that i could tell. Looks like you had a great time out there!!

Laura T.

I love pumpkin patch pictures too. I'm so glad to see that you were captured in some of the photos too.

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