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October 21, 2009





This made me smile. With four boys...I have moments like this all the time too! Love the dinosaur!

Sarah Lou

Love moments like that, I often come across those things - they just make the day seem brighter ( ps love the wonder pets here - they are my ring tone on my mobile! the phone the phone is ringing!!)

Nikki M

You read my mind! So having a day like that myself. I am pretty new to reading your blog but I have to say...hats off to you to do what you do. My Mom ran a home daycare when I was in highschool and I don't know how she put 2 words together some days. Yikes! Thanks for the picture. Made me laugh out loud too.

Sandi N.


Thanks for the good laugh. I needed it lots of fourth grade stress going on here. One word ....PROJECTS.

Our four year old said the cutest thing last week. She had an ear ache and when I ask her if it really hurt or just a little she turned to me and said. "Yes, this is my serious face." All week we have been saying this back and forth to each other. Even one of our neighbors got in on the act.

Thanks for the laugh:)
Sandi N.


That photo is too funny!

I too find things in the weirdest places. Awhile back Chase brought me a tv remote that had been missing for TWO years ... no clue where he found it as I had searched and searched the living room ... but there it was in his little hand!


Cute blog today, I love how the children in our lives always make us laugh and smile.!! I think that dinosaur is looking to find his way home, he's tucked in next to the world atlas!!! lol (I notice details)!!

Kim M

Glad to know someone else's life is crazy busy too. My weeks have been like that lately and yes, I would like to go and hide also! BTW, thanks for the heads up about the Jillibean blog the other day, I went over, left a comment and lo and behold , I won something, yeah for me!

Sara Rossi

Tell you what...why don't you have your girl call my girl & we'll have lunch in our happy place!! LOL!! I'd like to stick my head in a book & forget all around me too! It's great to have the kiddos around to leave you surprises & make you laugh when life is crazy! Hang in there!!


Ok so now I am singing the wonder pets song. Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets, we're on our way...LOL I have not seen that episod. I love the photo. That is so funny!


Too funny-I'm right there with you!

rachel in Cali.

Okay so I've got to say, that dinosaur butt made me laugh too and think of that commercial (I think its for Comcast) where the two turtles are playing hide-and-seek and the wife hides, and the husband turtle says "I can see your butt"... (in other words her hiding place sucks!... lol)hopefully you've seen this too... so funny!


thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog! if I had to do it over again I think I would run off and elope--ha!! But it was a beautiful, special day and the same place where he had proposed :)
And I am feeling "dinosaur-ish" lately too...thinking I might get the boys to bed and retreat my t-rex self into my scrap room ;D


Love the little things they do like that! Sorry you're so overwhelmed...I know you'll bounce back.


That makes me think of the Toy Story movie, it's pretty funny how it seems to be hiding out. (i can relate, i tend to be a home body) Funny! Funny! Hope you get all your projects, pages and just crazy life stuff done. I know you will, I believe in you.

Lynn Ghahary

that's just too cute. come out come out little dinosaur! i know you'll work your way through all the "stuff" in true "laura fashion" - you're good like that!

Sasha Farina

the laughing at wonderpets part.. that could be me! LOL. i can totally relate.. my girls still watch those LOL.

Good luck with the craziness Laura.


I have that dang Wonderpets episode forever etched in my mine...my kids loved reinacting that one! The dinosaur story is hilarious, I feel like him sometimes too! There is always so much work to do, everywhere I turn! Well try to find some peace this weekend so you can regroup and gear up to do it all over again!

susan d.

we love wonderpets!! can i join you? ha!=0)

love the little album. so cute!! thanks for sharing. maybe that's why i saved all my christmas cups last year...oh and for that dang daily christmas album that i didn't finish. ooops!

Heather Ruwe

LOL...i COMPLETELY understand Laura. The stories I could tell you from my daycare days. Kids really do say and do the funniest thing. I feel like that dinosaur! lol Thanks for the laugh.


your stories are a crack up! I was laughing out loud that you were way cracking up at the dino - I thought maybe you were loosing it - lol! Sometimes lack of adult interaction will really make you think wonderpets is cute - LOL!!

Can't wait to see what your working on - sounds like awesome stuff! Not sure I could ever keep track of what I was allowed to share and not share - sounds like it's a must though - don't want to be in trouble :)


hope you've had time to find your happy place. i can totally relate to feeling frazzled bc i played "dinosaur" the day before. happy scrappies!

shemaine smith

Great post Laura, you totally summed up how I feel about my daycare kiddo too. Although I only have one plus my own it can get hectic some days! Maybe we should adopt "walk the dinosaur as our theme song" lol

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