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October 20, 2009


Sara Rossi

OMG!!! This is TOO CUTE!! I just LOVE it!! You my friend are a clever girl using the gift cards in there!! Funny I had just bought a coffee chipboard book to play with too.....need to work on that sooner than I planned! ;)

wendy myers

This is the cutest thing! I love little special albums. Sometime you need to make one for yourself! Great Job!


Laura Vegas! You know how much I LOVE this!!! This would make a great Christmas present for my Mommasita. I have to do it!

erin terrell clarkson

It's so cute. Wilna is so creative. Love the way all of the samples turned out in the flickr gallery!

Rhonda Steed

That is TOTALLY cute!!!! Love Wilna's stuff! And it's great to see your version of it!


fun & cute album. I had just eyed yours in the gallery before I clicked over here. You are always the 2nd blog stop of the day for me, just after Ali's-love reading your stuff!


This project is so adorable and perfect for you!!!! What an interesting idea!
Love the ribbon for the binder too...super cute!


So clever and fun! and Happy!

Mary Lynn

That is so cute! Love it a lot.
My brother loves Starbucks, you gave me an idea for his christmas gift.
Just one question how many cups did it take to make it?

Sasha Farina

lemme tell you something, everytime i see a starbucks outlet, i think of you :) to me, this album is totally YOU Laura! LOL... so cute!

C´est la vie

I love that idea! It is so fun! I don´t think I can get a cup from Starbucks though... :)
But I have to write about this in my blog.



So cute and different!

Sandi N.


My how wonderful your Starbucks album turned out. It looked like you had a lot of fun making it.

Sandi N.

Sheri Reguly

Wow, Laura, you did such an amazing job on this! I absolutely love it!
So many wonderful little details!


Love you take on this.. awesome


how fun is that!! i heart starbucks too :)

Mary MacAskill

SO cute - I love it! :)

Erin Bassett

If there's ever a lady that needs a Starbucks mini album it's you! Yours turned out so cute!! I can't wait to put one together myself. :D


TOTALLY CUTE!! I love this mini of course I have a passion for minis. I have bunches of them on my counter space in my room.. This would be a great idea for a gift with a gift card enclosed for a bff who loves Starbucks too! tfs, now i'm off to check out the others

Heather Ruwe

This is TOO cute. What a great idea. Must go get a large starbucks now. :)

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