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November 04, 2009



OMG Laura, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You so derserve to be on the dream team. You have so much talent. Can't wait to start seeing your projects. You sure got a bunch of amazing stuff too!

Brandie @ Scrap Girls

WOW! What an awesome assortment of scrappy goodness! Congratulations Laura!

erin terrell clarkson

Congrats to you. You are going to have to rearrange your scrapbook room again to fit all of those goodies. Looks like you're in good company...I see a lot of talented people on that list. :o) Hugs e

Marcie L

Congratulations, you absolutely deserve it! Love your blog and your pages and still have my mouth hangin' open looking at your boxes of goodies! Have a great year!

Mary Lynn

Congratulations, that is totally awesome. I can't believe that you got all of those boxes full of items.
Good luck with the team.

Sara Rossi

CONGRATULATIONS my friend!! You truly deserve this!! I am so excited for you!! I think I even remember that time you were super excited about something but couldn't tell. You really can keep a secret!! That's just WONDERFUL!!! And how about those boxes of goodies?? HOLY COW that's a LOT of stuff to play with! If only I lived closer I would come "help" you sort through all that! LOL!! I am so happy for you!!


Congrats, girl!!! How awesome for you! I am so happy for you, and cannot wait to see more of your fabulous work In CK!!

Heather Jordan

Amazing, Laura! That's fantastic, you deserve it! Do you have enough space in your scrap room for all those goodies!?!? Ha! Should be a fun year...can't wait to see all your creations for CK. Congrats!


congratulations! what an honor this is, and I can only imagine how excited you must be. I know I don't actually know you, but when I read the CK blog post, I was like, "ooh, I read her blog!" :)

Kim Watson

Hey Laura....popped by to say Hi! & I am looking forward to working with you on the Dream Team.
BTW! I am still gasping at the pic of the boxes of lovely loot CK's sponsors sent through. Mine haven't arrived yet but I have to say that I am now itching more than ever to receive them.
Happy day!

Sarah Klemish

Wholy WOW!!!! So so excited for you Laura and so not surprised!!! Yahooooo!!! They couldn't have picked a sweeter or more talented scrapper!!!
Look at all that stuff! What a haul!
Good for you!



Nancy Mackey

Laura, it must be tough being you! ;)Have fun, and share the yumminess with pictures (as usual!)


LAURA!! Like I said you have ROCKSTAR status now! Congradulations you REALLY deserve it! :) Have fun playing with all your new toys!!

wendy myers

I must say that I am not surprised. I have a feeling pretty soon I will be saying I knew her when! LOL

I actually was on Moxi fab which led me to CK and there you were!!

I am so happy for you and Boy Oh Boy did they hook you up with a ton of stuff. You are gonna spend a week sorting it out and putting away!

I look forward to a year of your creativity!!

Congrat! You deserve it!

Jacki Archibald

Wow! Congrats!!!

Nichol Magouirk

CONGRATS! SO, SO, SO happy for you! :) xoxoxoxoxo


First of all WHOOO HOOO Congradulations!!! It is well deserved for sure! Second of all WOWWOWWOW!!! My mouth is hanging open! WOW that is a ton of great product. I am so happy for you! I can't wait to see what you will be coming up with in the upcoming year. How doublly fun to get to participate in this with one of your BFFs! Again...congrats.

PS let us know when you stop smiling from all this excitement.


You so deserve this. Love your style and cannot wait to see more of you on this new journey. Look at all that loot ...lucky girl! Congrats!!


You are so going to have fun with so much stash to play with.


Congrats Laura!!! Wow that stash looks amazing - you must have had a ball going thru it all - you'll never need to scrapshop again hehe

Helen Tilbury

Oh my oh my oh my what a gigantic stash haul LOL!!! Congratulations Laura...couldn't have happened to a nicer or more awesomely talented person. Have been following your blog for several months now & loved your write up on the MM Slice promotion, talk about movie star stuff eh!!!

Christine B

Congratulations Laura!! That is such awesome news! I cant get over all that scrapping goodness that arrived in the boxes-WOW! So exciting for you, just love your work, looking forward to seeing what you do with all that stuff!

krolski (kathy)

Congrats Laura!! I'm so happy for you! You're definitely one of my fav designers! And WOW, how about that boatload of scrapping fun! Can't wait to see your new layouts/projects!

Stephanie Klauck

I am so excited for you!!!!
Huge Congrats - you soo deserve this!! :-)

Heather Ruwe

Congrats Laura! I couldn't be happier for you! Way to go! :)

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