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November 11, 2009



What a beautiful layout!!! I think it is important to remember what is special to us! You have a great group of friends!


I feel lucky to be included in such a fun group of women! Thanks my friend.


I agree with Deneen! I'm thankful too for your friendship :) Thanks for including me on this special layout!

Rhonda Steed

Love the line up of pics! You've got cute friends! :)

Sara Rossi

What a beautiful LO both the design & the theme!! Something every album should have!

Heather Ruwe

i just saw this on the MM blog. i love it. great design! :)

Laura T.

Love the layout .... love how everything is laid out on the page.


I am always inspired by your layouts.

Heather M.

that is the best layout! i absolutely LOVE it! Gorgeous work, Laura!

wendy bretz


Victoria S.

Loved it! Great job! You do have nice looking friends!


Gorgeous. I love the colors!


Okay, this is funny... I saw this on the MM blog earlier today, but for some reason it didn't strike me as a typical "Laura" layout. So... it didn't register to me right away that it was yours. I looked at all the pictures, and I was honestly thinking to myself, "Hey! I recognize those girls! Those are all friends of Laura's, too! I wonder why Laura isn't in these pics? Who is friends with all of the same friends she has, but is not friends with her???" Hahaha, then I read to the bottom of the post and realized it was because it was YOUR layout! Oy... I guess my brain wasn't working right... :)

Donna VW

I love your use of "priceless" - it really fits when we are talking about girlfriends.

wendy myers

I forgot to comment yesterday. I loved the colors you used in this layout. I really like the chipboard font. And the B&W pictures really make the page unique.
Great Job!

Heather Jordan

Great layout! Just another one I will be copying and putting in my idea folder.
I have a question....when are they drawing the winners over on MM blog for the holiday goodies? I didn't see a deadline or date the winners will be drawn on.
Thanks, Laura!

Sandi N.


Your doing a lovely job on your blog and keeping your readers in the loop. Great layout thanks for sharing:)

Sandi N.

Helen Tilbury

Oooh I went over & had a looksee...LOVE your layout & thanks for the tutorial ;-D

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