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November 10, 2009



awww...I can relate to Sarah not wanting to be away that long -- I was the same way at her age. How cute is that photo of her with her BFF's!!! They could be sisters tho, they look very similar.
Glad I'm not the only one who can't figure out the perfect camera settings for gym photos!! Yours at least are bright -- mine are not only blurry but soooo dark too!

Sara Rossi

How fun is that?!?! Sarah must've loved the dance!! I wouldn't worry about her not going to camp, that's a long trip for her age in my opinion, or maybe I'm just over protective & would be a wreck without them that long! Either way--she'll have more experiences to enjoy.


I struggle with gym photos all the time! Yours are bright, and mine always come out dark, yellow looking! LOL You know my daughter also has an upcoming science trip. She wants to go! LOL However, I do not want her too! It is a struggle. It is okay that your daughter did not want to go. There will be many other opportunities!(:

Sandi N.


Fun share!!! She is lucky to learn this dance.

Sandi N.

Rhonda Steed

okay how cool is that!! :)


looks like fun Laura!! Love the little shows kids put on! And gym photos are a pain to get...especially when they're moving around!


awesome! I want to see the video!

Kelly Silva

That looks like a blast!


So ccol. I watched "13 turning 30" (don't judge me ;) ) the other night and they did that in the movie. I had a big smile on my face.


Not to sound snarky here, but how do those teachers fit in those practices with the demanding curriculum??? I barely have time to teach art!!! (this is me being jealous that other schools have fun!) My kid isn't going to Science Camp...as a teacher, I have heard of too many horror stories! I am still looking for Slice infomercials, no luck!!!

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