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November 16, 2009


Cheryl Wolfe

Hang in there!

wendy myers

Spoted the cards already, adorable as usual.
Check my blog for inspiration from Heidi Swapp I am applying this to my life this week, it's been a rough weekend.

Hang in There!

Sandi N.


I always enjoy seeing your designs on your blog. Thanks for sharing your time and talent.

Sandi N.


Love your cards. Hang in there, take a deep breath.(: Life gets so crazy sometimes, that I know I have a dificult time slowing down! LOL Try and rest tonight!

Mary MacAskill

Good luck, Laura! I know how busy you are these days, and I miss chatting with you! :)


Thanks so much for my monday fix. Nice to come home and see such gorgeous cards!
Love the kraft with the red and browns...such a gorgeous combo!
Hope your madness ends. Wish I could help! Just hang in there for the ride. You'll bounce back soon :)

Sara Rossi

Love the cards! Great colors--I'm loving the reds!

Hoping your craziness ends soon!


Cute cards! I wish i could get into the habit of making a card with my scraps- makes so much sense! Can't wait to hear what you have been up to!


wow so beautiful cards !!! I love to read your blog, most times I leave your blog with a smile and a lot inspirations ;) So I use reading your blog for practice my english also! Thank YOU!!!

Rhonda Steed

Super cute!!! And good luck with all the stuff you've gotta do!

Brenda H

hey sweets!! Cute cards - love those colors - i think i'm more neutral - so these colors look fab to me!!


These cards are adorable. Thanks for finding these for the rest of us. We don't have to go looking; we just let you find them for us & post them on your blog. :)


Singer sewing machines


Loving these cards Laura. Hope all is ok -- take a deep breath :) Thinsg always have a way of working out whether we fret over it or not!


well, for a quickie this is great, very cute,thanks for sharing laura.

Sasha Farina

i am goin to lift them, okay? Okay. :)

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