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November 19, 2009


jen shears

Love this LO- but that's exactly what I thought of when I saw it- I thought she didn't like purple!! Hahaha! :)


I've never liked purple, and never scrapped with it either. Lately it's growing on me though, and I find myself (gasp) not only choosing clothing in purple but scrap products!
Love this layout. Your girls are/have always been so stinkin cute,indeed!

wendy myers

I wondered where you had been. Love the purple and the corrigated Bike word.

Happy Friday!

kristan martin

Laura, although I love ALL of your layouts, this is probably one of my favorites. I'm definitely not a purple girl but this layout works in every way...too cute. I really love it.


So cute! They are so tiny! Hard to believe how fast they grow...you have been super busy! Hope Utah was a good trip!


Love the way you were able to get so many photos on the page! Yes, your girls are stinkin' cute!!!!

krolski (kathy)

Great LO Laura, love the purple! Your girls are so cute!


I don't use purple often either. Love this LO with all the photos & the little border at the side :)


Oh Laura, your girls are SO tiny and adorable! I love these pics and the way you captured them on this LO! So precious!!
And nice to have you back!


wow Utah - your just a travelin' gal now - lol! can't wait to hear more about it :)

Sara Rossi

Welcome Back!! I've been wondering what happened to you! Sounds like a great trip! You've been travelin a lot this year! LOVE the LO & giggled when I saw the purple knowing how you feel about it!! LOL!! The girls are simply too cute for words! Love looking back at older pics & seeing how much they've grown!

Mary MacAskill

Purple seems to be appearing more these days? Is it becoming trendy or something? God forbid. LOL! Anyway, cute cute layout, as usual. Love those photos of the girls looking so tiny. I never ceased to be amazed by how fast kids grow up.

Dissertation Layout

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Sasha Farina

OMG>..how tiny were them back then!! :D so cute!

Victoria S.

I figured you were up to something fun-- good for you! cant wait to hear all about it
Love love this layout - i do love purple so this is fun to see such a great use of it! Cute cute girls-makes me wish i had more & bettter bike photos of my darlings.
If you remember where u got the butterflies from i'd love to hear- i really liked them and was hoping to get a source LOL!


BEAUTIFUL layouts!

Sandi N.


Yeah! How cute these photos are. Love how you collage the layout.

Sandi N.


oh i love it when you post layouts from when they were little. :D

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