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November 28, 2009



Happy Anniversary my friend! Soon you will be catching up with me at 25 years LOL

ana roat

Congratulations you wild and crazy kids! We just celebrated our 18th. Goes by fast doesn't it?!


Awe, so sweet Laura!
Happy Anniversary to you and Joe! That's a great pic of him!

Sara Rossi

Happy Anniversary Laura & Joe!! Great pic of Joe--must be a new head shot! ;)

Brenda H

Happy Anniversary - and Thanksgiving - cute family pic!


Happy Anniversary! (Short, sweet, to the point!)


He's definitely a keeper! Said from a survivor (oh wait, celebrator!) of a 25 year marriage! Penny

wendy myers

Happy Anniversary. It's hard to be married to a scrapper, they just don't understand! LOL

Sasha Farina

Happy Anniversary Laura and Joe! Here's to many more to come!


Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!


yeah, happy anniversary girl! what cha gonna do?

Heather Ruwe


Mary Lynn

Happy 11th anniversary to the both of you !!!!!!!!!!

Sandi N.


Congrats on 11 happy years together.

Sandi N.

Mary MacAskill

Happy Anniversary! Did you guys get to do anything special? Hope you had a great day!

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