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November 24, 2009


Nancy Mackey

that DOES stink! hope you {and your back} feel better soon!

Sara Rossi

OK seriously as much as I LOVE your work, the album can wait! You need to rest so you can get back on your feet! Take it easy & after the kiddies go home take a pain pill. I've been in your shoes & know how awful you feel. I'm hoping you have a speedy recovery! {{HUGS}}

Donna VW

Hope you feel better soon. Do you have to cook Thanksgiving dinner???


Oh no,Laura!!! I hope you feel better soon...just rest up and take it easy, I have a feeling you have been super busy lately!!!

Cheryl Wolfe

Wow, that does stink. Hope your back feels better asap.


omg Laura, I know all about the back going out. I was out for 10 days in September and it was only from turning around to pull out of a parking spot!
Do NOT rush getting back on your feet -- allow your back to FULLY heal. I know how hard that is, when you feel like there's a million other things to get done -- but I promise you, the To-Do list will still be there!
Take care of you!!!

wendy myers

Damn Donald Duck, hope you are back on your feet soon.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Still feeling crappy today? I'm sorry. Blah. Catch up on all your DVR'd stuff... :)

Victoria S.

So sorry to hear about your back
tha msut be painful! Happened to me juat once and that was enough! Dont over do-be good to yourself!


Bad Donald...Bad Boy!!! Sorry about your back Laura! If I lived closer I'd certainly do something to help you out. Hope you recover soon!

Helen Tilbury

So sorry to hear that Laura! Perhaps it is God's way of giving you a much earned rest ;-D Get well soon!

Jen Gallacher

Feel better soon. :)


Oh you poor thing....drat it Donald you darn duck! Don't worry we'll be patient until your back is better again. Take it easy and don't be so hard on yourself Laura!

Mary MacAskill

Oh you poor thing! What a crappy time to have your back go out too. Well, on the bright side (is there one?), I hope you're catching up on some much-needed rest. Hope you feel better soon!


Oh Laura, I hope that you're getting some rest and that you're feeling better by Thanksgiving. Hopefully you have Friday off too from the day care kiddos.

Thinking of you!


shame laura, hope your back gets in tack real soon, you should go to the physiotherapist, they give you one BIG squeeeze and it clicks back,really, my daughter's struggles with her back, so i take her for "alignment" on a regular basis.

Sandi N.


Oh this sounds so painful. I hope you will be up by Thanksgiving to spend some time with your family. I had a feeling something happened when I did not see things postings. I hope you are well taken care of.

Sandi N.

jen shears

OUCH! I know how awful that feeling can be! I hope you're feeling much better SOON!


Sorry your hurting.. but that will be one more thing to be thankful for when you recover!! Hope it is soon and you have a great Thanksgiving, we will wait for that album.. it will be amazing as all your work is. :-)

Lynda p

I've never thrown my back out. Had crazy sprained ankles that required crutches. And just recently I had 2 crazy falls within 8 days of each other that has done some serious "pains" & i'm still not 100% better. So I feel for u. I hope your family is catering to u and being good. Soon u will be good ad new.

Happy Turkey Day

hugs, Lynda

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