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November 25, 2009



Thanks for the peak...it looks so awesome right now. I like it because the journaling and photo will stand out so much and I love that album!
Your last post was hilarious...like who does that kind of stuff??? No one would be happy to hear brass instruments waking them up in the middle of the night. Crazy but makes a great story!!
And Autumn Splendor is gone from M's...I was looking for it the other day when I heard it was on clearance. It came and gone so fast, just like Autumn.

Sara Rossi

Look at you go!! Nothing keeps you down huh?? I think this is going to be an AWESOME album!! I especially like how you're having everyone write what they're thankful for in their own handwriting. Will you be adding to this each year or will it be dedicated this 2009??

This makes me wish I had grabbed this line while I had the chance but I was trying to be "good" & use more of my stash before I bought more goodies....**sigh** Glad to hear your back is doing better!!

Hope you & your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Heidi Y

Love this album! Thanks for the sneak-peek!! Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!!


This album is going to be really great, Laura. I can't wait to see the finished product! Hope your back is back to normal soon!


Love this idea! I need to snag people for their pictures today! Glad to hear your back is feeling better. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving!


you make mini albums look sooo easy!! i always struggle with them.


I'm so in LOVE with this!! I can't wait to see the rest of the pages.

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