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November 25, 2009



such a CRAZY story ;)))

Helen Tilbury

What a funny story! I have the same situation here & we are also on a corner but with the highest crime rate in the world I have to stay put inside & put up with it or probably get shot LOL!

Donna VW

This totally fits in with your blog title - "the everyday stuff that happens in my life". It makes for a great story!


I love these you couldn't make this up kind of stories!! Glad they took the hint!

Monica G

That is the funniest story! I can only imagine what those "kids" were thinking of you going out there and telling them to leave! Great little story to wake up to today! Thanks for making me smile~!

wendy myers

Way to take care of the neighborhood! What in the world do you think was going on, it would totally bug me until I found out. Keep us posted if you figure it out! Happy Wednesday!


Holy marching band! I can just picture you staring them down too!! lol You are one brave determined momma.

"Just one song?" rofl Really??

I'm still laughing....

Sara Rossi

OMG! That's both awful & funny at the same time! I would be livid to be woken up like that! That's ridiculous!!

And you & I are so alike it's scarey!! I'm the one up at night peeking out my windows when I hear noises! LOL!! Oh & those staring down looks?? I've got those too!!

Lynda p

This is a classic, kind of sad they didn't get to play the "one song" ( i'm a sucker for marching band music, my son plays trumpet in school band) lol, but umm not @ midnite! I don't think I would of went outside, I'd be chicken they would reteliate! But I would of set the Hubs out!
Have a great day Laura, hope u r feeling better

Lynn Ghahary

wowzers! you are so right - you could not make this stuff up! lol! maybe they were going to serenade the neighbor girl but with a big loud marching band number instead of a little acoustic guitar. hee hee! and thanks for the warning on what a good "starer downer" you are ... i'll have to remember never to make you angry! lol!

Rhonda Steed

That is so stinking crazy. Are you not so curious as to why they picked your street, and why they would even think to get a band together at that time of night??? Nice work on going out there and giving them what for!!! I'd never have the courage! :)


OK, that's crazy! Things like that never happen in my neighborhood!!!

Ashley M

Wow, that is some serious craziness! Hope you are feeling better!


never a dull moment at your place!


OK,that story is so crazy that there is no way you could make that up. Did you find out more...like why were they there?

Tammy Morales

OH MY GOSH that was funny - I think you could write a book of all the crazy things you see and hear.

True life is way stranger then fiction

Hope you sleep well tonight my friend.

Sandi N.


Good for you:) I hope you were able to get a good night sleep.

Sandi N.


I really can't believe they left - lol! I thought they were playing some prank on a neighbor (which I'm sure they were) and you busted them. Wonder if they will return . . .

BTW - LOVE The Good Wife - totally addicted - she rocks!

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