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November 12, 2009



How very sweet! Aren't the best gifts total surprises!

Enjoy your new planner!



just what you need, hey?

kristan martin

How nice of your friend. Congratulations on all of your wonderful rewards relating to your scrapbooking lately like being in CK with your studio pics, your trip to make the infomercial, and being a member of the dream team. You deserve it all. You are uber talented and very inspiring!


That was so sweet and you totally deserve (and need)that planner! You are a generous person so its nice to see you receive nice surprises.

Tammy Morales

Gotta Love true friends.

Sara Rossi

What a great surprise! Can't believe you never had one before! So sweet of her to think of you!

Patricia Kumfer

very cool. I always love surprises from friends.


How fun was that? You are so lucky to have special friends! Makes to a wonderful day!!!


What a rock star friend!!!

Sandi N.


What a great friend! You are blessed to have someone so thoughtful.

Sandi N.

erin terrell clarkson

That was nice of Lynn. You seem pretty organized to me, though!! Now you'll be even more efficient.


What a sweet gift. Do you know where she got it from? I think I need one!

Helen Tilbury

3 parcels in a day! I let out a giant whoop when my monthly kit arrives LOL! ;-D That planner looks super cute & practical too...

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