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December 22, 2009


shemaine smith

Yea he's adorable! Great gift :)


You're right on the "Awwwwwww" LOL. And no kidding on the gorgeous hair he has!
This is really pretty and I love the colors you used for the digital paper and the frame! Thanks so much for sharing and I think you're mighty awesome for doing this for your kiddies' parents!

Sara Rossi

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Look how much he's grown but yet still looks the same! You are rockin these collages!! The parents will tresure these gifts always! I'm hoping to try this next week...when all the craziness is done!

Sandi N.


I bet she loved this collage. Great Job!

Sandi N.

Wendy Sue

He is super cute - and you are super talented. This is amazing...I bet his mom is so excited!!! :o)

Kim M

I just want to say how cute I think those photo collages are. How kind/sweet of you to take the time to make these special gifts, handmade gifts are always the best and these moms will be thrilled with the finished product.


I had forgotten how much I loved his long hair awwwwww! Great job as always.


Awesome as usual. I am in the process of making one of these. I will share it with you when I am done. Thanks again.


Very nice collage, He is stinkin cute!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!!

wendy myers

These are so cute, I know they will love them. I know I would! May have to put it on my gift list of crafts to make.

Merry Christmas Lauara!

Sasha Farina

I think this is just the best pressie EVER! how clever!


Awwww, super cute collage!!! So adorable Laura!


So sweet & I love the font you've used :)


Love these collages, and I am sure "Mom" will too! Merry Christmas to you and your Family Laura, I look forward to sharing the New Year with your creativity.

Victoria S.

Beautiful! Merry Christmas!


You definitely gave us lots of inspiration this year! My dad never emailed me the pics, so I didn't make one for them...but i will get some photos from him today and make one later for them! I bet it is difficult to give these away once they are made- I always struggle with that. Hope you and the fam have a merry christmas- we are still waiting for Dad to wake up!


He is SO stinkin' adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! It turned out awesome :)


Just wanted to ask you which kit you got the "memories" from. It is probably Ali but I cannot find it. Thanks.


Oh my goodness this is so cute!

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