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December 17, 2009



Haley's Mom will love it! Thanks for sharing this awesome idea!

shemaine smith

Shoot friend, I only made my family a photo ornament of Cayden...lol This is fantastic!!


So beautiful, I'm sure she'll love it!


OMG, OMG Laura! This is amazingly awesome! I can't believe my eyes...this is so wonderful! Any mother would love a gift like this. And thank you so much for taking the time to put together this tutorial!
OK, I know this sounds corny but my eyes got a little teared up when I saw this. Its just so special!

Ashley M

Adorable! I love how simple it is and how everything is perfectly placed! It really shows off the pictures well!


Laura, this is GORGEOUS!!!! You have inspired me, maybe I'll do one of these for each of my boys. I'm bookmarking this page for future reference! Thanks for sharing this.

Heather Ruwe

what a wonderful gift! gorgeous!

kristan martin

get outta town! this is beautiful. I'm thinking of moving to California just so you can be my kids' daycare provider and you can make me pretty things, okay?


what a gorgeous gift!


Very cool! She will love it!

I haven't uploaded to Costco before, but I should- usually I just take my memory stick and shop while they are processing them. It usually takes less than an hour.

Will you share all of them after Christmas?


Wow! This is stunning. I'm sure that Haley's mom is going to be absolutely thrilled! I'm going to have to try this for my boys! Wow! wow! wow!

erin terrell clarkson

That is so thoughtful of you. I know she is going to love it! They sure are lucky to have you. :o)

Leslie Murphy

This is out of this world! I'm going to save this idea and try it for grandparents gifts on Valentine's Day. Thanks for the inspiration and have a wonderful Christmas.


You are so inspiring! I love your ideas; the simplicity, the details and the way it all comes together so perfectly. FABULOUS!


This is such a cool project. My grandson just turned 3 and his mom would love something like this. I will have to get to work on it. Thanks for sharing. You may think this is so simple, but sometimes simple is all that is necessary. The focus really is on the adorable little girl, just the way it should be. Thanks you again for sharing.


Laura it looks great here on the blog but I have to say it looks more amazing in real life LOL! I think I need to send you my girls so I could get my very own laura original LOL!


So beautiful - thank you for taking the time to share!

susan weinroth

this is STUNNING laura!!! i want one! ;)


gahhh laura! this is FABULOUS!!!!

sarah vegas

hey i luv the project. she is so cute. u should do 1 of niko now. you are a gr8 mom. hope you have fun doing more projects. lol. remember im here 4u.


wow!!! love the idea. thanks for letting us know how to make a collage.

Alyssa Dezell

she is so cute!!! You are so awesome!!!

Sara Rossi

I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT!!! So wishing I had time to make something like this for my VERY hard to buy for F-I-L!! Heck I'd love to make one for ME!! LOL!! This is such a thoughtful, beautiful gift! Hailey's mom will LOVE & treasure this gift! You're AMAZING!!

Sandra L

Simple and Beautiful. LOVE your style!
Haileys Mom is so lucky!

Megan Renfree

I love love love love this. and is the perfect thing to do for my mil!!! You are a genius!! :o)

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