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December 21, 2009



congratulations to Sarah. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!


Congratulations. I can't get over how fast the girls are growing. I have been so out of the scrapbook loop, but the other night I saw a slice infomercial for the first time and saw the card you made. I was like I know those girls! LOL

Heather Crawford

Wow! Awesome..never knew how much I could get into kid's sports until MY kid starting playing..it's so fun, isn't it? I know everyone is so proud!!


Wow! Amazing!! Great job girls.


WTG!!! Sarah and her team a huge Congratulations for a very successful season. Great photos and story Laura tfs.


Truly amazing Laura!! This is certainly something that Sarah will never forget! That trophy is huge!
OK, and I learned a new term...penny's. Never knew that there was a name for those. LOL!


Congrats Sarah way to go!!! Of course we knew her team could do it LOL. What a great layout this will be in her album.

Wendy Sue

woohoo - congrats! :o)

Sara Rossi

WAY TO GO SARAH!!!! Sounds like a GREAT season! CONGRATS to her & her team!!

Love the pic of them with their arms linked!


how fun! I feel like I'm looking at my personal family blog, we are on the off season we start up again in February! WTG--Sarah!!

Sandi N.


Way to go! I bet you are so proud:)

Sandi N.


Way to go Sarah and all The Arsenal! How exciting!!!

Carmel Keane

That is just soooo awesome - hope the team gets to stay together and have many more successes

Lynn Ghahary

wow! these are great photos! so happy for sarah and her team! :)


WOOHOO!!!! That is absolutely amazing!! Being a soccer family too, I know this was a HUGE HUGE deal and a major win! CONGRATULATIONS SARAH AND THE ARESENAL'S!!!


I know you'll be mad at me for this, but you spelled "metals" wrong. It's medals. Other than that, it was an awesome game! You took great pics! CONGRATS SARAH! GO ARSENAL!


wow - what an exciting season!
i just wanted to drop by and say that i got my book several days ago - last thursday actually. finally had a chance to actually "crack" it open last night!

thank you so much (and to CK too) for offering it up as a prize on your blog. it was a big, big blessing to win!

merry christmas,


Congrats to Sarah and your community. What an honor.. Thanks for sharing the good news in sports.. God Bless and Merry Christmas

Sasha Farina

OMG>. they're really awesome. Huge congrats!!

Victoria S.

Congrats to Sarah!!! great photos- love the one of the girls with linked arms!

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