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February 01, 2010


Sandy C

Hi Laura,
Thanks for sharing your story about CHA! That must truly be scrapbookers paradise! Also thanks for linking all the blogs of the people you met. I bookmarked all of them and they all have such inspiring work!
Have a great month! Looking forward to your posts this month.


Heather Ruwe

sounds like you had a blast..wish i was there. :)

Tammy Morales

looks like it was so much fun. I would love to meet all my favorite scrapbookers in person, including you!


oh my, what a post! you made me feel like I was there...ha! I can't imaging attending CHA, my mind would be in overdrive for DAYS..ha! How exciting to be able to attend, to meet people you chat with online and THEN to have your own work being showcased in booths...love it!


fun, fun! You totally sound like me, "knowing to much about people" and the face recognition with the badges, SO super fun! It was great meeting you! :) Thanks for your constant inspiration!


I loved this post.....I love how you talk about being in awe of some scrappers when we are in awe of you :)

Becky Olsen

What a FAB post!!
It was such a treat to keep "running" into you, it is always so fun to put that IRL face to the names we see around!
Can't wait to see you at the next show ;o)



Thank you so much for posting this! Its so nice to see CHA through someone who got to walk around and meet a ton of people! I would so have loved to be in your shoes! I think the pics came out so cute! Suzy cracks me up with the bike...lol. I could just see all the stern people just shaking their head. LOL!

Rhonda Steed

Wow it sounds GREAT!!! Oh how I want to go one day!!! I think I would be a little start struck! :)

danni p

sounds like you had a blast. i would love to go someday. you sounds like me, i am very quiet sometimes too. not much of a talker until you get to know me. ;0)
i hope to meet you in person one day too. maybe we'll head to san fran. someday soon.


Wow, sounds like a fab time. I think I'd be like a kid in a candy store.

Lynn Ghahary

fabulous post my friend! you said it much better than i ever could. can i just get a "ditto what laura said" over here? lol! loved experiencing this all with you girl! :)


So fun! I'm so glad you got to go this year...I know you've wanted to go for a while...what an absolutely amazing experience and I'm sure I would recognize Laura Vegas projects if I was walking through CHA! :) Happy Days!


I have no idea what I would do if I met half of the people you got to meet at CHA. Probably totally overwhelmed! BUT I'd feel the same way if I met you! Is that kinda weird for you?



I really enjoy reading your story and celebrate your joy of the weekend at CHA.

Sandi N.


great post laura!! you really had a blast!!great pictures,nevermind the quality!it is the subject that counts!!
thanks for sharing:)

Mary Lynn

I bet it was alot of fun meeting all of those talented people.
Thank you for sharing all about the trip you went on.

Amanda H

sounds like fun. you and i dress a lot alike. :)

Mary MacAskill

I love reading about your experience. I can pretend I was there with you and Lynn! :)


Thank you for sharing your CHA experience with us. You met an amazing group of talented people! Great memories for you.
I love all the details. Glad that I had an opportunity to meet you.

Sonia (Sony)

I love reading about your CHA experience. Great post Laura, thanks for sharing your photos.


Sheila Cruz-Betancourt

Wow, sounds like u had a lot of fun. I can't imagine what i'd say if i ever meet my fav scrappers, like all the ladys at CK, hey including u. I just wish there was something like this here in Puerto Rico to go to.


What an adventure! So glad you shared some fun pictures w/ us - a face to a name in person must have been great :) You hear, read, and "stalk" blogs but to meet them in person would be a treat. Glad you had a good time & you crack me up in flip flops-lol!


thanks for sharing! i keep telling myself, someday i will go! how fun to meet blog friends and designers! i love the dear lizzie booth, so cute!


cha is so much fun! I would love to make it back there one day.

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