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February 18, 2010


Heather Jordan

I LOVE your room and love seeing the little things you do to it. Thanks for sharing! I enjoy organizing too...doesn't it feel good?
I just spent about 3 hours redoing my Project Life album. I had all the cards in it randomly...took them all out and did each two page spread in coordinating colors! It looks much better now and pleases the organized part of me!

Becky Olsen

It looks so wonderful!!!


I can never get enough pics of your scraproom. Share pics everyday and I'll be happy :)
That table matches perfectly, love it!

Mary MacAskill

You are the queen of organization. I swear I need to have you over so you can help me. You would just die if you saw the state of my studio. With the renovations going on in the basement, everything has migrated over to my side and I can hardly squeeze my belly in between the piles of boxes.

Angie Blom

pure happiness seeing your craft space!! my 4 year old says she loves all that pink cardstock.. and she has tons of that stuff herself.


Pure heaven...I love when I reorganize my scrap room and would love to come get my hands in your goodies :)!!!

Happy organizing!


You are so lucky to have a scraproom. I have a table set up in the family room and a set of drawers beside it, that's it. I just started cleaning off my table the other night and took a picture of the day with it. I'm determined to get a layout done for you challenge at MM this week using ribbon. I love your room, those drawers holding your paper is awesome. I like everything you did. Show us more more please.

Mary Lynn

Great job!!!!!!!
I still have not done my scrapbook room yet.
still in the thinking stage.

Patricia Kumfer

Love the look of your new blog. I like cleaning my scrap area I always find stuff I didnt know I had LOL.

Rebecca S.

Your room is looking so pretty...I finally got a chance to got to Ikea near me.I bought 2 8cube expedit..Love them.Now if my hubby finishes the walls in my room..I can paint my walls and start scrapping..I love your room...


Pure heaven! Love it! I LOve your photos! I am going to tackle acrylic stamps first! They are a mess! LOL

Heather Ruwe

thanks for sharing a peek into your world...can i come scrap with you? :)

Michelle Price

It's so clean and organized and so unlike mine right now. Can I come over? :)

Erin Bassett

Look'n great!! Mine's a mess right now since I just got some more product from a sponsor...I totally need to do a major clean out but there's no time!


I love your scrap area - very nice! I wish I had an IKEA close to me, actually we don't even have one in the country - LOL!
I am slowly decluttering my scrap area - getting rid of old product I will never use, and finding a lot of bits forgot I had - opps!


Great ideas on organizing! I get on these kicks where I empty rooms or closets and have to redo it all. I think it is the bit of OCD in me or something. Have you ever shown us what you do to keep stamps organized? Also would love to know which slice cartridges you love most / get the most use out of.

wendy myers

I love your room and the way you organize. Those clear plastic containers are my favorites. I call my my project boxes they are great for a grab and go projects everything you need in one box. I Love It! Thanks for sharing.

Sandi N.


Lots of hard work paid off. Your room looks great and so much fun to design your project in.

I have stopped organizing my sb room until school is out. It has been too stressful with the kids back in school. When I sort things they lay in their piles until the weekend when I can find spots for them. This is not normal for me as I like things
neat and clean.

Again, I love your sb room. The blue is so peaceful and calm.

Sandi N.

Sara Rossi

Seriously I love your room!! You've got so many great ideas! And your Mom is just so awesome to be able to do all the painting/building/hanging she does!! I've sorta finished reorganizing my space...thinking I should post pics soon. ;)

lindsay - justmeandz

wow, your room is AUH-MAZING! thanks for sharing... i'm drooling in my chair! i wouldn't know what to do with HALF of those goodies. you are very blessed!!

Lynda p

Gorgeous Laura, I like that color on your walls thnx fir sharing

krolski (kathy)

I love seeing pictures of your scrap space. I've been trying to reorganize mine too. I don't have anywhere near as many supplies as you do, but I still just need a bigger room! LOL! Thanks for sharing!


Hi Laura,

I've finally finished a layout using ribbon as a banner, garland, neclace that kind of thing. I'm posting it at MM for you with my link. Hoping to have another one for tonight. Thanks for giving me a reason to get out my ribbon. Have a good weekend.


I get no end of a kick out of seeing other people's scrap spaces. Thank you for sharing yours... And also for explaining all the choices you made about storage options. Maybe someday I'll get to have a whole room for crafting, too, and it's good to hear your thoughts about the different things.

cindy johnston

simply awesome Laura! I always love it when you show what new thing you've done in your organizing and your scraproom! amazing! Thanks for sharing with us and have a great weekend!

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