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February 11, 2010


Sara Rossi

What a CUTE idea!! I think this is so much better than the "shoebox" mailboxes we used to make as kids!! My kids don't even make boxes they just decorate lunch bags. :( And yeah for you keeping up with the project ideas this week!!


I think this is perfect for a girl to take to school. So pretty and very well covered. When my kids use a shoe box we always end up with spots that you can see the box thru. In third grade my kids have to design any kind of valentine holder then bring it in & during lunch/recess the teachers look at all of them and pick a fave for these themes funny, most hearts, most creative, ? I can't remember the last one. My one daughter was into sewing in purses so she sewed a purse and won 1st prize for most creative. My other daughter didn't win and next year my son will have his turn. He's into sports so I'm thinking a basketball hoop with hearts? I will show this to my girls, we have decided to make valentines for each other so maybe we can keep them in this box for awhile. I understand if you don't want to do another craft for tomorrow, take the day off if needed.

wendy myers

Very cute! We bought valentines this year, because walmart had a really cute set with a mailbox with hearts that lights up on top when you open it!!! $3.00 I was so excited as Valentines use to be one of my favorite days as a child only to find out that the kids will NOT be having a valentine exchange this year or any type of party! WHAT!??

Go figure! There are also taking there SOL's on a computer this year, what is this world coming too!! LOL


This is SO SO adorable!!! I know I have some of those lying around somewhere. My daughter would love one of those too!! I love the color scheme here too! TFS!!


This is sooo cute Laura, love it!!

Heather Ruwe

very cute...she will have the cutest box in class! i've never watched being erika...they promote it A LOT though! lol thanks for sharing your fun valentine's idea! :)

lynda p

laura, first, thanks for caving into the guilt & doing this project. my son is 8th grade too, so psh, but my dd is 4th, but today is their last day of school (4day holiday) so too late to do that. but i was just wondering, is there a hidden craft store in your house? if i wanted to make that, i'd end using a cereal box. i don't have "supplies" lying in wait...lol and by the time i think of doing a cute craft i see, it's too late. well thanks again for sharing. you are just a bundle of inspiration girl.


This is very cute! Those boxes are relatively inexpensive and easy to find! I may have to give this a try. TFS!

Wendy Sue

Cute, cute, cute! I need to help Josh make a box tonight...he won't let me make anything this cute though. ;)


Yes Valentines parties are coming to a close for our 5th graders. I was a little bummed out. Love the box!


Oh how cute. The older grandkids won't be exchanging Valentines, but I'm going to print this out and save it for Chase for next year (kindergarten). This is much nicer than having to cut an (uneven) hole in a shoebox and then trying to jam the card inside. Fun stuff! Glad you decided to make it.


Laura, so glad you make this project it's adorable.... sorry your "guilt" struck you NOT! hehehe
And if Sarah does take it to school I'm sure she will have the cutest box there!


So cute & easy to adapt for other occassions :)

Mandy Szeto

If I was in elementary school, I would have loved it if my mom made me one of these. They are just super cool. Unfortunately, I am passed the era of valentine's day cards. Note about "being erica" I love the show.



Rhonda Steed

SO cute Laura!!!!!


Wonderful project!!!

Sonia (Sony)

Adorable project Laura, love it!!!
Thinking because i have an empty box like your beautiful valentine box.
Do you decorate the shoes box too?.. i used to put stamps, paper punch or embellishments...

Sasha Farina

you made this on the couch? like, seriously? i don't belive you :P

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