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March 16, 2010


Wendy Sue

What a fun layout. I love the striped paper...and that photo of you is great! I'm also glad to hear that you aren't considering switching over completely - your digi stuff is great...but I'd miss seeing your awesome paper projects! :o)


Another great one Laura! I love that striped paper. Everything works really well together!

Becky Olsen

Yay for the just for fun stuff in life!!!
Not that the other isn't fun, but doing something just for you is such a treat!!
Darling pic and layout, you are rocking the digi!!!



Love the cute picture of you, but another digital layout??? (Just kidding!) Love anything you do, but remember your stacks of paper are calling your name!!! LOL
You are so talented!!!


love everything on your page. That's a good picture of you too. Lucky you just got those glasses, I've had mine since 6th grade and I'm so tired of them. Please don't give up on your paper pile.LOL

Jersey Girl Anne

I love your blog and all your beautiful work so please keep showing us real paper layouts!! To me,they are the real "hand"crafted deal. I love your style!!!


ok...is there anything that you're NOT good at girl??? lol!! This is really cute and I love that picture of you! And I know you would never give up your real paper, if you did I would be seriously worried about you.


Is that your handwriting or a font for the journaling? I can't even tell!


You are going to have to give me some pointers LOL

Sandi N.


Looks like you are having a great time playing with your digi kits. Fun layout!!!

I like the way your glasses look on you. I am going Friday for a new pair:(

Sandi N.

Sara Rossi

You know I saw the LO before I read the post & thought how this is your style before I knew it was digi. You did a great job on this!! And I would probably think the same way about adding some embellies IRL! LOL!

Now pinky swear on your Slice that you'll never give up paper & I'm good with a digi LO now & then!! ;) LOL!!!!

alicia king

ANOTHER digital layout, lol! i like it!

Mary MacAskill

I love the digi, Laura! See, it's totally addicting! And don't you love those Michelle kits? Seriously cool...

Sonia (Sony)

Funny and beautiful layout.. you are so creative lady.


cori peck

My daughter just got her first set of glasses. Thanks for the inspiration to scrap this milestone (and I hope you don't mind that I scraplifted your l/o, too) :)

Kim J.

Rockin' glasses, Laura! I wish I looked that good in mine. LOL. And what a fab digi layout!!

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