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March 10, 2010


Heather Jordan

I am another one of those people who swears I will never be a digital scrapper. I don't even want to learn. I love playing with the paper and embellishments too much! Thanks for sharing this though. Good job!
I have a quick question: How do you print the long strips of journaling on a 8 1/2 x 11 printer...like on the "Whoo's your best friend?" layout?

Patricia Kumfer

That turned out great Laura. I seem to be addicted to both. I think the main reason I like digi is becuase I can NOT use sewing machine and I lave sewing on layouts. Digi makes it so easy. LOL. BUt my roots will always be with paper.

Jen Gallacher

You did great!! :) Hybrid is the best of both worlds. LOL! ;)


I'm excited to see you trying out digital! Your layout looks fabulous.

Sarah Batdorf

I LOVE scrapbooking my babies' pics now that they are 5 and 7. I miss that age. Beautiful layout. I love your style.

krolski (kathy)

Great LO! I have done some digi stuff, but mostly I like hybrid too. I still like working with the "real" stuff too much to go all digi. :)


It has come up lovely, very clever. I am still yet to cross over to the dark side, I have dabbled in some hybrid stuff which I have enjoyed but scrapbooking the traditional way appeals to my messy side :-)


This is beautiful! How nice to be done within an hour!!! Sweet title, and I love the photos! (glad you are not going to the other side!) LOL


OMG, love love this!!!!!!!! I love that stitching and Haley is gorgeous in these pics!

Karla Dudley

WOW WOW WOW FREAKIN' WOW!!!!!! This is your first one? ....Well, I'l be...

Girl you have mad talent! I love everything about this! I'm a sucker for clean geometric lines! And your photography is super sweet! He's a cutie! I would love for you to guest design for me sometime ^_^


Sandi N.


I am very proud of you:) Great job!

Sandi N.

Sara Rossi

For your 1st attempt at digi I think you did WONDERFUL!! And just a little FYI--when I was 1st reading this I thought you were describing me....well except for the ability to create collages, & editing...LOL!!

alicia king

great digi page Laura! I always said I would never go digital...but I love hybrid! And some of the most simple things like text on photos that were on pages in the early years of CK...I have wanted to learn that for years, and I finally know how to! I used to find myself asking how do they do that! And now I can just look at it and say I can do that! lol! it's amazing what you can learn!

Tammy Morales


What a great layout and your first one; pure digital - IMPRESSIVE!

I am like you and love using paper, embellishments, and the process of more traditional scrapbooking.

Could you share how you take photos of your paper layouts? I am really struggling to get a great shot of my layouts.

Thanks a bunch!


That is a great first digi layout! I don't like digi myself, and always ignore tutorials as well!

Kim M

You sound just like me. I don't ever see myself going digi, I just like the feel of paper in my hands and creating with it. I love the look of your first digi layout, I think you did great.

Sue from Collage Picture Frames

I think you should definitely visit the dark side more often your layout is digitastic.:)



You make it look so easy - I might have to try it soon. I, too, love to work with the paper, but the ease of digi is calling. My excuse is I work on the computer all day for work, its nice to get the break - but it would be nice to show up to a weekend crop with my friends, with just my laptop and my MPIX login! I'll have to try the hybrid version - I don't like how fake some of the digi stuff looks! thanks for the push and always fresh inspiration!


I love it! My fave thing is its still so you! Your certain style with the paper strips. Haley is so teeny tiny! Very sweet indeed!

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