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March 21, 2010


Becky Williams

simply beautiful, Laura! I've wanted to try digi a bit but am so addicted to my paper and glue.

Isn't Lynn so cool?! I loved being able to work with her at the Nook and to be able to count her as one of my scrappy friends.


this is a simple but adorable layout. he is such a cute boy. That's great for you to be able to make a layout wherever you are now just by having your laptop. Thanks for sharing!!


LAURA! Did I miss something? Is Nicholas not in your daycare any longer? Oh no!

Love this layout, btw!

Lynn Ghahary

hee hee! but do note that i said that with the utmost of love for you my dear friend and with a smile on my face as i typed. :) it is just SO very you to decide to paint a wall instead of working on assignments. and i love that about you! super cute layout of niko btw. you're rocking the digi lately girl!


Have wanted to do some digi layouts too, but I love the touchy feely paper, glue, really working with my hands aspect of our craft... lol
This is another great layout can't wait to see what you can't post yet! I know they will be amazing!


Better watch out, I might have to change you from my Paper scrapbooking category to digital in my reader! 8-)


Hi again Laura, I just saw your cute cards on the Jillibean blog. I love the colors on these cards, have you done a layout with these papers yet, would love to see it. You have been so busy lately, it must feel good though.


You do not need to apologize for doing a digi page. I am enjoying both, new to digi and LOVE it. You do a great job on ALL layouts. I don't think it matters the process but just that we are accomplishing something! Thanks!

Rhonda Steed

oooh love it!!!!


awe this LO is so heartfelt...so sweet! I love the colors in this with the b/w and lol at Lynn's comment. You are so last minute and I crack up when you tell me late at night that you have 4 projects by the morning :0) I can't make 4 in one month! LOL.

danni p

somebody is loving digi!!lol
is he not in your daycare anymore?


Really cute layout! That child is adorable!!!


I am so with you on that motto! I sometimes wish I could change, but it's just so me. Without the pressure, I will just find something else to do! Don't feel so guilty about the digi pages. It is the trend and part of your job to at least have a clue about it right!! And you're rockin' them by the way! That's my theory and I'm stickin' to it!

Mary MacAskill

You are so funny - I am the same way (as you well know)!

Erin Terrell Clarkson

Little Nikolas is so cute. I just want to give him a hug every time I see his adorable little face.

You're having fun with the digi-layouts, huh? Looks great!

Sasha Farina

don't you dare go all digi on me. LOL. just sayin' ;)

Sara Rossi

Niko is such a little cutie! I think it's so cool that you are doing some digi--it makes people like me think "maybe I can do that"! You keep rockin the digi/hybrid LO's! Whatever makes you happy!

And as for procrastinating on the assignments, I'm totally with you! The pressure makes the mojo work better!! ;)

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