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April 06, 2010


wendy myers

I am so excited about this! Wish I had a target close by. I cannot wait to see more. Both of your pieces are Fantastic! I like bold, but not too bold. These are great!


Love these...I'll have to pay Target a visit.


Love them on you! I had so much fun. Thank you again for letting me share in the creations! And the nice talk time. lol


That looks so cool. I also have not gotten into making jewelry, more because I just can't start another hobby. But I must say I am drawn to these, especially the letters. Do you know if there will be any other places besides those listed on their site that will sell this, like maybe online? Thanks for any help.

Sara Rossi

Beautiful Laura!! I'm with you & never thought I'd be into making my own jewelry but you are so inspiring!! ; ) And yes your one handed shots are awesome!!!


OMG, I LOVE the first one. I want one exactly like it, with an M! Nice work!

Angie Blom

wow they are both beautiful Laura!!

krolski (kathy)

These are great Laura! I love to make jewelry so I'll have to check out the vintage groove!


I love the green one especially! I might try my hand at it since I used to make jewelry. BTW, I know what you mean about not having access to the bedroom since hubby sleeps days.


Bummer, none sold in the state of Missouri. Weird!


Love these! So pretty especially the turquoise one. I hope we get it at our Target store. You did very well taking a photo with one hand. LOL!


I LOVE YOUR NECKLACES!!!! So very cute! I've been checking out the MM blog and dreaming that I could actually do something with it someday. I will definately check out Sierra's stuff too!

Melanie Gleisner

I really want this jewelry!! Awesome

Laura T.

Beautiful job. You are just full of talent girl!


These really are pretty. I'm not into jewlery either but love the look of these. When I read about your putting an "L" on all of yours it reminded me of that show Laveren & Shirley. I loved that show and Laveren was my favorite because of her "L" on everything. Good for you trying something new. I'm going to head over to Sierra's now and look.

erin terrell clarkson

so pretty. can you go into business selling them? :o) i could definitely find shirts to go with them. ~e


Wow! Wow!! Gorgeous jewelry Laura! I like the way its hanging off to one side. Looks cool like that.
I like the chain with the bigger loops! And I will definately check out Sierra's blog!


OK, I just read Dawn's comment above about wearing an "L" for Laverne. LOL!!!! Funny!

Heather Ruwe

i see jewelry making in my future now....gorgeous pieces laura! :)


I love them both, Laura! I can't wait to show Amanda. She is sure to want to try these out for birthday gifts for her girlfriends. I just hope they are affordable since I'll be paying. lol!


How cool! And how lucky are we to have a Target so close that carries it! Did you see the book there too?

danni p

check you out girl. you're a jewelry making nut.lol


Absolutely lovely! I can't wait to see this stuff near me. Our T doesn't have it yet :(

alicia king

i love this line! can't wait to make me something unique :)

Sandi N.


I think I see a new trend in the makes:)

Sandi N.

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