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May 13, 2010



congrats to Vera and I love that new necklace you made. Love the little pearls on them!!
The corkboard is so cute!!!! I can totally see any baby starring at those...they love necklaces!


Congratultions Vera. The new necklace is pretty, I love pearls. The corkboard is a brillant idea, much better then the island or a jewelry box. You can show them off better and so pretty to look at. I might have to do this for my girls room. I checked at our Target and they don't have these yet, would Michael's have them? Thanks for sharing, how is the kitchen painting coming along?

Sara Rossi

Congrats to Vera! Just got my copy yesterday & it looks like a good one!!

You are on a roll with those beautiful necklaces!! They look so pretty hanging from the board!

Vera Yates

Thank you, Laura! I'm so excited! And your necklaces are so awesome! Like that frame that you use to hang them. :)

pam bray

Just love all the Vintage jewelry. Congrats Vera

Brenda H

I REALLY love all of this jewelry - i wish i could find those small letters somewhere - so cute!

Krista Lund

they look so pretty all hanging together on the bulletin board.

Sandi N.


These look great in the cork frame. Thanks for showing us this.

Sandi N.

Erin Bassett

Wow, they look so pretty all lined up!! I'm dying to play with VG!!

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