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June 14, 2010



Hi Laura,
Thanks for sharing the last 20 things about you. Even without pictures it was fun to read. I am curious about a couple things though...have you always lived in california, did you go to college, what started you on scrapbooking??? I love that you write with no capitals, that's what i do a lot too. The makeup and hair thing is not for me don't use makeup and the few occasions i do my sister comes over and does it for me and does my hair. My hair looks different everyday even though I do the same routine and use all these crazy products. I can't believe how you went from food/grocery to daycare to scrapbooking each is so different. Do you know all the tricks to grocery shopping now. My kids know to leave notes for me all over the house too and even in the van to remember to pick up things for them lol....hope you had a great weekend and thanks for sharing. Cute cards you have at JB Blog today too.


Laura these are so fun! I was laughing at #39 that fits me! I call myself too, I think it's because my mind is on fast forward all the time, I have scraps of paper, post a notes, all over! LOL! Have a great day!

Becky Olsen

Thanks for sharing more about yourself!! Joining the soccer league could have been fun with different circumstances, but oh well!
You are such a gem, and very fun to follow around ;o)
I hope we have the chance to do that again soon!

Laura T.

Loved your list ... good for you for coming up with 40 things ... It would probably take me a week to come up with just 25. Enjoy this first week of being 40! Live it up girl!


I agree, It would take me forever to come up with 40 things about me!! Loved reading all about yours! We do not travel much either, unless you count Texas! LOL That is home to me though!
Good luck this weekend you will be great!!!


wow, that was good! I've been waiting for your new list ;)
I did learn some new things about you, but I'd disagree on the hair. I think you're good at it!

I think I knew about your country decorating but I totally can't picture you using that style. lol!

The capitals when you write and the small when you type always crack me up when you mention that. Its cute!

Glad you had a nice 40th (and I'm glad that we're in the same club now, lol)


We would soooo totally be bffs IRL!!! :) It was fun reading your list and seeing how similar we are!

I'm thinking the list would be fun on a scrapbook layout. I think I'll do my own!

Hope you had a GREAT day yesterday!

Eileen Van Dyke

Happy Birthday Laura! How cool to have your friends put together a blog hop for your birthday! What a great idea. I was going to post on the 12th but I noticed that there were 40 comments and I thought that was so cool since it was your 40th bday - don't know if you noticed that - and I didn't want to mess that up, although I could have been your one to grow on - lol.
Hope you had a great day - love the hair pics by the way, reminded me of my big hair days!

Tammy Cappolina

Happy Birthday, Laura! Sorry I missed your big day! Just found time to go on my computer after a week - I planned & held my daughter's 8th grade graduation dance this past Saturday and have been CRAZY BUSY!! My own birthday was June 10th & I worked right through it! Glad you have such great friends to give you a blog hop! We ALL had big hair back then! The 40's are the best years - trust me!

Sara Rossi

YAY! You finised the list! Even without pics it's a great list! LOL! I can relate to so many of these it's not funny! The procrastinating, being a night owl, buying the girls toys, dating guys from work, flower arrangeing, scatterbrain-ness, it's almost scary how we can relate! So glad you had a great birthday!! You deserve it!!


Sorry I am late!!Happy Birthday Laura!
Enjoyed your latest post to the fullest!
those wild hair days made me chuckle, had my hair in a similar style way back!
thanks for sharing this part of you!
have a great weekend!

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