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June 11, 2010



I am dying right now! DYING!!! OMGosh! I'm laughing so hard, I might pee! Happy early milestone birthday to you! I can't wait to read tomorrows! Bummer I have to wait until Monday. It's just not the same on my phone.

Jennifer D

First off I hope you have a great birthday! Hope the day is extra special for you.

Big hair! What can I say other than I can relate :) I am a couple years younger than you but I still remember refusing to go to school with out my bangs being up on end :) Oh and my jelly bracelets ... can you believe they are back in style? I wonder if the big hair will ever come back ... one thing for sure is I will not be doing the perm again!

Becky Olsen

What a great post!!!
Can't wait to read tomorrow's!!!



This is really cool! What a good idea! I'm the same way about bagging, as I was a bagger when I was 16! Also, my bangs never got the height that they were suppossed to, so I wasn't the most popular! Lol.

Wendy Sue

This is such a fun post - and the photos make it even better! Love the 70's photos...and it's good to see that someone had bigger hair than I did, lol. ;) Hope your birthday is FABULOUS!!! :o)


Wow we have so much more in common than I ever knew LOL. I camped a lot as a child but have only taken my girls camping twice, I also lettered in a sport in high school although it was swimming. I had big hair and thought I looked totally cool. I was extreemly shy except around my friends. I don't dance although I did go to my proms. I worked as a bagger for a grocery store. I can count on one hand the number of boys I went out with. You have made me laugh so much and remember so much thanks and Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!


oh my gosh Laura I'm laughing so hard that tears are rolling down, I just snuck 2 mts while kids are changing out of their bathing suits, will come back tonight when they are in bed to read it better, I love love it though!!

alicia king

this is the best post ever! and you have the bluest eyes...even from that baby picture! lol, i guess they are the exact same eyes :) oh but wait aren't they kind of green too? anyway...it was fun reading and laughing at your younger years! lol! have a great birthday!!

Lynn Ghahary

oh.my.god. seriously this had me laughing. i think the best photo is the matching sesame street suits. my mom used to make matching clothes for my sister and i but apparently only the cool kids got to wear big bird and cookie monster. ;) can't wait to read the next 20 tomorrow!


Great job documenting your first half! I love those bangs! And yes, we all had them back then! I hope you have a great 40th! I'm right behind you, so be sure to tell us how painless it was turning 4-0!


Oh, my stars!!! This is a really awesome post! I bet my hair was taller than yours!! LOL Cannot wait to read tomorrow's post too!

Heather Ruwe

Looking forward to reading tomorrow's post! Love the hair! :) Thanks for sharing...what a fun read!


Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy. This was a great read. You crack me up. You are beautiful and have always been. Thanks for sharing!

Sonia (Sony)

Hi Laura
Wow! I love your post... i have 10 more facts about me than you, lol!!
I like to read these story. Love the photos!!. I have a lot of photos about my life, i appreciate every moments, every memories... I'm thinking year after years do a album about my life and some stories about me.... so when I read your story and feel very inspired.
Thanks for sharing facts about your life.
I hope you have a great 40th!
Happy Birthday Laura! ;-)



this is *such* a fun post! thank you for sharing. I can't wait to see tomorrow's post-- and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


love the hair....i remember it so well.... least the rest of us 70's/80's kids have exactly the same pics!!!!
cant wait for the next 20!!!!


Laura...I loved, loved, loved this post! I too am an 1988 high school grad...the big 40 is coming in November! Can't wait to see the next 20 facts! Happy Birthday! We love you...big hair and all (from another 80s girl who had big hair too!)


What a great post girl...and Happy 40th Birthday! I'm amazed at how many great pics you have, especially of your bedroom. I gotta say, except for the fact that you are the oldest with a younger sister and brother, we have NOTHING in common from this post, lol.
I'm so jealous of your big hair...I could never get anything to stand up!
Can't wait to see your post tomorrow!


Happy Birthday!!!

I loved reading that. I was shy as well in school, and my prom dress was the same color as your JSB dress...funny! Your hair BTW looked just about like everyone I knew growing up!

Hope your day is great!


Hi again Laura, I laughed even more this second time reading it. I love these phots, you did a great job getting them. My sister wore the same dress to prom only in green, she also had big hair like you. your hair looks darker now, funny your girls our opposite of you. I too always had a book in my nose, had my music on as I told you casey's top 40 and purple rain playing all the time. I also gradutated in 1988 turning 41 in August though, love being 40. My mom also sewed us matching outfits hate them, why would a mom do that, I'd never do that to my girls. we also went camping not like you just half hour away, and we go camping with our kids now they love it. Oh and I had some fender benders too, the school actually gave me my own spot because they were tired of me hitting all the parked cars, so funny now back then I'd cry everyday over it. Thanks so much for sharing this Laura, such a cool idea can't wait for tomorrow's post. happy early birthday!!!

Kim M

I loved getting to know more about you. Very interesting about the christian school. My oldest went all 13 years, now my middle one is a junior and we are switching to public school this year. It is a totally foreign area to us. She is scared to death. Totally can relate to the no dance thing, we have the same banquet type thing here. Love the big hair, I sooo did that!

jen shears

Happy birthday!! This is a great post! I'm sure many of your readers are circa class of '88 too- it's a walk down memory lane for me- that's for sure!
I'm really surprised big hair ever went out of style. Maybe it was the hole in the ozone from all that hairspray!! *giggle*
Enjoy your day!

Vera Yates

Laura, this is such a great post. Love the hair style. :) Have fun celebrating tomorrow! Wishing you an early happiest birthday! Thanks for sharing this random fact!

danni p

girl, we could have been friends in high school. i had that same crazy aqua net hair too.lol
happy happy birthday girl!!!
eat cake!! and scrap for fun!!


Happy 40th! It's really not that bad. And, I LOVE the big hair!

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