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June 01, 2010



way to go Alyssa!! She is such a beauty looking SO grown up! My alyisa is going into 7th! Crazy how they grow up SO fast!


Congrats, Alyssa! You look soo beautiful in your pics!!!! congrats, too, Mama!!!


WOW!! Congratulations, Alyssa! Momma, you should be bragging and so very proud! Great pictures, they sure show the excitement in her eyes.

Sandi N.


She is just amazing...you know I think you are rubbing off on her:)

Sandi N.


Ah! LOVE these photos, what a proud momma you are! So special!

Kathy (krolski)

That's so GREAT Laura! Big Congrats to Alyssa! She's beautiful and SMART! You are doing a great job raising her.

Brenda H

what a smartie pants! I'm sure she takes after you - right?? What a proud moment for mama - and in the paper too! COngratulations Alyssa!

Sara Rossi

You have every reason to be proud!! She did an amazing job!! WAY TO GO ALYSSA!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

BTW--I think Alyssa even looks older in these pics too!

Uncle Bob

I can remember when Meagan and Rachael graduated from 8th grade too. But you have run away with the award thing! I am one proud uncle!!!!!!!!!! You did really great. Keep it up and you'll be able to be what ever you want to be in life. Let Jesus shine too in your heart and life and don't be afraid to share Him with others.We are so proud of you!!


Ok this made ME teary eyed and I've never even MET Alyssa!!! Congratulations on all these accomplishments. She'll do just fine in high school, I'm sure!

Shaun Paddock

This is so cool! Alyssa, you should be very proud of yourself. This is quite an accomplishment and you deserve the awards and recognition! Keep up the good work! Congratulations!

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