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June 29, 2010



Hey that's Aiden! jk But man, do they look so much alike at that age! Miranda is just more delicate. lol Aiden makes that same O with his mouth. He's been doing it a lot lately too!

I love that slightly grungy flower!


I love this layout Laura. When I first saw it I marked it and now it's in my Laura Vegas binder. I love love the way you made the flower, I wouldn't think of that. The way you added 3 brads to each end of the black/white dotted ribbon is neat too wouldn't have thought of that either but it adds a pop in color to the page.

I know what you mean about the kids being home. We have a new pool so that's all we do but between that the kids are bored and bothering me. I made them a chore list and a fun list everyday they have to pick two/three things and do them. lol
Have a good day!!


Hey laura thanks so much for adding that question and answering it for me. I can see how you did the page now from the rub-on it really pulled it all together. your pages are always simple yet amazing that's why i love coming here. have a good night.


I loved this layout when I saw it in CK! I love how the colors work together and tie everything in, too. And I think you were one of the first people to begin the brads in a button trend!
It is getting harder with my girls getting older too- they used to be so easily entertained when they were younger! I hear a lot more, "I'm bored" this year than any other summer...I tell them I wish I could experience boredom!

Sara Rossi

I loved seeing this in the magazine! I think it's great that you scrap the everyday stuff--it's just as important as the holidays! And I love how you used the rub-ons, I need to use more of those before they dry up & flake. :(

Sasha Farina

normal is good, everyday goodness is perfection ;)

Heather Ruwe

i saw this in this magazine and i just love it...thanks for sharing the details and inspiring me to pull out some rub-ons. :)

Kathy (krolski)

Oh, I love this LO. And the flower is my favorite part! Great photos too!

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