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June 07, 2010


Carla T

Cool LO girl!! I think its really cute to document current stuff you like...it'll be cute to see in the future!!
I was thinking of doing that challenge that you and Erin had posted but list all the concerts that I've been too, some of them on those are kind of embarrassing to list, lol!
And I love that cassette! I used to record songs on the radio and from my albums too! Had the whole purple rain album recorded to my tape, lol!


I love love this layout, such cool colors. I love how you listed all your fave music. Believe me those high school musical songs are actually good, I listen to them every couple days while scrapping. I actually had hsm2 in the van for the last day of school Friday and we jammed it up to " what time is it" all the way to DQ to get our celebration ice cream. Then all the way home we jammed it some more, so fun to hear music the kids and I both like.

When I was 13 my mom got me a stero and blank tapes, I would record songs all the time and listen to the casey's top 40 and keep a journal of them and on Sat. nights I would guess which songs would be the top 10 sometimes I was actually right. I miss those tapes it was so easy to record back then. Ok kids are home and this was my 5 minute break while they eat. Have a great day Laura and thanks for this cool post. Oh and can't stop believing is what Renee just sang last week at her concert so that song is in my head because she's always singing it. lol

Heather Crawford

Ok, you know I'm going to ask...what fonts did you use? Love them!

alicia king

that is a cute kit! there are too many digital kits out there! i totally remember doing the same thing...waiting for the song to come on and then precisly trying to hit play/record at the same time so that it would record perfectly...lol! those were the days!

to add dropshadows...just go to your 'artwork & effects' box, click on special effects, layer styles, & then drop shadows...select which one {I always use low} and then apply! Just make sure you are on that digi element and then it will add the shadow to that :)


This is really a great digital layout! I loved the subject, how fun will that be to reference too! You are getting really creative with the digital kits(:


Love this ... a cool "slice of life." Layout. I too recorded from the radio onto cassette tapes still have them, lol). I also recorded my 45's so I could play them in the car.

Sara Rossi

You can count me in that group of people taping the songs off the radio!! I LOVE this idea! That cassette is perfect for this! And I love some of the same songs--yes some might be "Kids" music but it's good! ;)

Brandy Buffington

This is GREAT! I just love your blog about this kit! : )

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