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June 20, 2010



Happy Birthday Sarah!!! I love, love that picture of her in the "pot"!!! Cute! She's definately a natural in front of the camera!

(ok and jealous about the 20 minutes delivery...lol)


The re-enactment photo is hilarious! What a good sport!

danni p

have b.day sarah, and happy father's day joe.
what a great re-inactment.lol

danni p

opps , i can't spell.lol

Sara Rossi

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!! Looks like Joe got the best father's day gift! And your delivery sounds like mine with Gianna's (whose b-day is this week too)--quick & easy!! Hope Joe had a wonderful Father's Day!! (Glad you're back home--want to hear about your trip!)


Hi laura,
happy birthday to sarah and happy father's day to joe. the photos are funny, thanks for sharing. what a wonderful way to celebrate father's day.


Happy Birthday, Sarah! I remember the pot story! I always forget that my oldest and Sarah are just days apart! Mine was born on the Friday before Father's Day, and we came home from the hospital on Father's Day! Hard to believe they are 11, isn't it? We were watching videos from her early days the night before her birthday, and I got all nostalgic...time really does fly by! I am so glad we have all of their scrapbooks to look back on and relive the memories!


Great story Laura... love Sarah's reenactment! great layout ahead. Happy belated birthdya Sarah!

Vera Wirianta Yates

Happy birthday, Sarah and love the re-enacment! And she still looks so cute even when she makes funny faces. So lucky! :)


Happy birthday to Sarah! What a great story Laura! Cute photos.

Sandi N.


Great gift!!! thanks for sharing:)

sandi n.

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