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June 30, 2010



LOL!!! I had a remote go missing for more than two years. We search high and low. Chase finally found it, but couldn't tell us where (he was too little).


funny story Laura, we loose our remote sometimes too and panic. We search the couches chairs, up & downstairs everywhere. You were right about having the power, whoever wakes up first gets the remote who gets it before bed controls the last hour of tv before bed, sometimes I'm ready to pitch the tv out the door so that I don't have to hear them arguing over what shows to watch.

My mom had a clever idea when we lost it one time, she put velcro on the back of remote and a velcro srip on top of the tv so when we are done we just stick it to the velcro and it stays there. Thanks for the laugh.


Laura I couldn't help but laugh. I remember the time when my twins were little and my keys disappeared we searched high and low for them and nothing. I ended up having to replace all my keys. Fast forward a few years and guess what turned up yes that is right my keys LOL in the very back of one of the kitchen cabinets. Hey I just may have to do a blog post about that because until now I had forgotten that little detail. Thanks for the memorie trigger :)


After reading this and Deneen's comment, I am hiding the remote and the keys in a safe place! lol

Jason has a bad habit of walking away holding one of ours (our tv requires two. Weird I know.) and then setting it down somewhere totally random. More than frustrating sometimes! lol I've found it in the pantry, laundry room, and of course... the bathroom. lol!

Patricia Kumfer

Ha Ha Ha. men they never notice anything. I have spent money on about five 8GB memory disks for my canon camera. Everytime I put them in my cpu to unload pics, they disappeer. About 100 bucks later found them in my die cut machine. My four year old kept taking them out and hiding them there. LOL.

Sara Rossi

YAY!! You found it!! Now that it's safe & sound I can say this was funny to read! Especially about Joe sleeping on it--that would be my Joe!! LOL! You should have ended this with "and we lived happily ever after"! ;)


OMG U found it!!!! What a funny story...I seriously laughed out loud hard!
It was funny how you were teasing the girls on FB because they said its the end of the world...I guess you weren't thinking of the DVR at that time.

But I'm happy that you got it back!

Jennifer D

That is hillarious! Last night my husband and I went to watch TV but couldn't find the remote. We did just like you, tore the place apart. Finally we gave up and were sitting on the couch wondering what to do seeing as there was no way to turn on the whole system with out the master remote (I know ... stupid), when I look on the floor in front of the TV. There it is, plain as day!!! We both swore it wasn't there before and that neither of were playing a joke on each other. We still don't know how it magically disappeared and reappeared but I will be interogating the dog later to find out the truth ... it had to of been him!


To funny---We have those same remotes and I would feel the same way! And isn't it funny once you stop looking for something you find it? So glad you found it.



Cindy collins

OMG>>>>I so needed to read this , this morning. Please know that you are not alone....I am happy to hear it was found...alas one of ours never returned

Mary Jo

TOO FUNNY!!! Your story mad me LOL....litteraly! Glad you found it.

Kathy (krolski)

LOL! Great story! Love the part about Joe sleeping on the remote for 8 hours! :) Thanks for sharing!


Tha is the BEST story - lol!!! I was totally laughing at the point where panic set in - how would you get to the dvr - that would be tragic I know - I have so much stuff on ours!!! Glad you found it (I thought you were going to say one of the daycare kids hid it - lol).

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