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June 04, 2010



I wish it was closer to me, I'd come for sure. What kind of class are you teaching? Are we going to get a sneek peak? I just got my new CK in the mail and spotted two of your layouts so far. One with your daughter the other of your daycare kids, it always throws me off because I just look for your two girls then remember you have lots of kids to scrap. I liked both of them. Have a good weekend.


congrats girl, I know you'll rock this class...wish I could be there :)

kathy (krolski)

Wish I was closer and could come to your class! Good luck! I know you'll do great!


We're going to have so much fun can't wait!!!


How fun for you! You'll be great! I've always wanted to attend a CK event. You and Deneen have fun!


Oh Laura, you will be fantabulous!!! I wish I lived closer I would definately take a class or 7 with you! Good luck...(not that you need it!)


Oh how fun, Deneen is going too! You will do an awesome job- you are a great teacher! Have a blast and fill us in on the all of the fun when you get back!!!

wendy myers

AawWWww I hate to say I am disappointed, I thought you might be coming to VA. CKC
I hope that you have a Great time teaching in CA. I would love to take a class from the master! lol


Wow, way to go, Laura! Wish I could go! Any local classes coming up???

Sara Rossi

Sounds so exciting! Wish I could go...


Fantastic!!!! You will do fabulous!


Laura, I'm sure everything will be just fine!!! PLEASE tell me that you'll teach at least one class here, in Kansas, this coming october during CKC... PLEASE... :o)


Victoria S.

It will be great - i used to live in Big Bear Lake so i know right where that is - wish i could come see you!

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