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June 16, 2010


Helen Tilbury

Those jars are ideal. I have some that I use too but could only find round here & square definitely looks better somehow to me...have missed your blog...been offline for months because we moved & then had to wait to be reconnected/wire up & had problems with it all so have ALOT of catching up to do on your beautiful space!


Hi laura,

i always love your creative organized ideas. Everything looks so pretty, like walking thru a scrapbook store. Wish I had a scrapbook room to use all your ideas on.


Now I need some more of those small jars! Thanks a lot, lol!!!

But seriously I love the look of your jars on the wall!!!


Awesome ideas!!! i love that your MOM builds awesome storage pieces for you!!! go mom!

Sara Rossi

YAY!! Love how these look!! Maybe even better than the paint! ;)

Laura T.

Went and checked out the site ... love your space ... but you know that already.

Cindy Johnston

Happy Belated Birthday Laura! I haven't been blogging much lately so I missed it! Hope you had a great one! I sure loved reading all about your 40 years! I also worked ALOT at grocery stores/discount stores and then later worked daycare for many years while my children were smaller! I LOVED your hair girl! I am smiling/giggling just typing it! LOL But seriously...I've got some dandy photos of my own hairstyles! yikes.. ok, now I've wrote a book. Off to check out little light studio!


Thanks for sharing this! Now all I need is that storage shelf? LOL
Hope you are having fun teaching!!!

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