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June 25, 2010



These are great layouts!! On the first 3 I like all the layers you used. Changing some of the photos to b/w was a cool idea also. I'm not sure what your brother means about the trim to me it looks right but hard to tell from just a picture of it. That's my favorite though is the trim I've never seen that kind before. Have a great day.


these are such AWESOME layouts! We aren't big travelers either....I don't know why but you pointing out that the airplanes are upside down has me giggling...and the arrow pointing out your sis-n-law...These are fun!

Kate Anne

lol... i see what he means...

check out the tail of the planes - the wider/bigger fin should be on top. also, the front window thing is one the underside (more obvious in the 3rd layout)..

thanks for sharing these pages!

ana roat

If you look at the tiny little "windshields" you will see that the little airplanes are indeed upside down, however, maybe they were stunt planes in which case it just simply adds interest to the story. Anywho...your works never ceases to impress me Laura. Hope all is well with you...


i'm glad someone else figured it out on the planes, i kept looking and couldn't see anything wrong. know i see what they mean but it still looks awesome as always laura.


you make such cute 6x6 layouts mine always just look too plain LOL


Beautiful layouts Laura! I wouldn't have known that the airplane trim was upside down. Lol!

lori r

These payouts are so great! I always get very inspired by your work. Kudos!!
Lori R


I really love this collection!!! And I love all of these layouts, so cute!
That's funny about the trim, I would have never noticed that!


Great projects Laura! Love those little plane brads :)


Love the collection, and Wish I could travel more too!! Too funny about the airplane trim, I would not have noticed except you pointed it out!! Great 6 x 6 inspiration

Kathy (krolski)

Great layouts Laura! Love that new Panorama collection!

Brenda H

love that line - super cute layouts! Love the post about CKC too - so fun for you!!

Tiffany E.

Oh my! These are really beautiful Laura, I'm enjoying looking at all the details on each one!


These are great! I love the "Discover Paradise" layout!


Oh how fun! That cardboard lettering is awesome!

Laura T.

What beautiful papers and embellishments! I love how your layouts came out.

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