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July 26, 2010



Cute photos! Did you use the 50D? How are you liking it? How does it compare to your XT?


These are just gorgeous pics and your subject is stunning!

Vera Wirianta Yates

Laura, these pics are gorgeous. Of course, how can you go wrong when you have such gorgeous daughters! Sarah looks so cute on these pics.


Wonderful shots! You got so many good ones. The setting is beautiful too - good choice!


Great shots! That second to last one she looks just like you! What a beautiful girl! Wish my boys would pose for me... brats!


You already know I love these but wanted to comment anyways LOL! Can't wait to go try out a new location together :)


these pics are just gorgeous girl!! sarah is such a pretty little model! She's getting so tall!

Kim M

Isn't it great when our kids indulge our hobbies? I love it when my kids let me take countless pictures. These are just great. Picture number four is my fav, although they are all really great pictures, she is really growing up into such a pretty girl.

Sara Rossi

GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!! Sarah looks so much older in these pics! Especially the 3rd one. And that last one is just WOW! I think you're lucky that the girls will (with a little prompting) pose for you. Lately mine give me dirty looks no matter what I try!


These are all so fabulous!!!! She is gorgeous!! The last one is absolutely my fave!!!! Fabulous job, your niece is in for a treat!


Beautiful! Love the setting, the color, and of course Sarah is just so pretty and so grown up! Great pics Laura!!!


AMAZING!!! Sarah looks SO grown up! Love the pic of her sitting down leaning against the fence not smiling much ~ very pretty :) Can't wait to see some of Alyssa and of course your neice!!

erin terrell clarkson

k, i just tried to post a comment, so i hope this isn't a repeat...
she is so adorable! the peace sign shot is my favorite one. and i love the jean shorts and boots combo...all the girls do that here in texas, too. :o)

Helen Tilbury

She is a beautiful girl. Your last one is definitely my favourite too! That location looks fantastic as well. I was doing the same thing with one of my daughter's this afternoon - for a photography challenge - and was also thinking how sweet it is that they are so willing! Mine had to dress up in stuff she didn't like, with make-up on that she hates to have on, but I did take her for a swim in the heated gym pool afterwards as her pay lol!


beautiful compositions!

Aunt Sandy

She's so pretty!! I like #4, 6, 10 & 11 the best with 6 being my favorite. She's adorable and so sweet. I love her choice of clothes for this event...good job to mom and daughter!


great pictures! She's a cutie!

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