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September 22, 2010


Schultze Tanja

The pic`s are great , the girls are very sweet and lovely.
location was perfect and greatfull ...


I think these look great as they are. The twins are pretty just like your girls. Love the different fun poses they did.

alicia king

these are so good! love all the farm props, they make great backgrounds and fun colors!

did you ever read the post on kevin & amanda about resizing pics and stuff? i skimmed across it in my email, i think she mentioned something about color too...


So cute! What a fun place to take pics!


i love the street photo, looks like a great bunch of girls...


Great photos! My 14 year old daughter hates to have her photo taken so I have to get one of her friends around and they start to ham it up and I can get some good photos.


These are lovely!!! Beautiful girls, and beautiful photos!!!!

jen shears

GREAT pics & awesome location! :)


wow these are FUN! Looks like those girls had a GREAT time!

Chris R

Awesome!!! I love all of them, especially the ones on the tractor. What a fun photo shoot.


WOW!!! Laura you rocked that photo shoot... love them all but I think the last one posted is the essence of the entire shoot.
thanks for sharing.


Nice photos Laura! How cute!!! Nice location to shoot photos.


I posted earlier, do not know where it went? The girls are just too cute and looks like they are having so much fun. Thanks for sharing! And great job on the frames on the MM blog, they are SO ADORABLE..did you machine stitch the edges or use a rub-on?
Always so much creativity from you!

Sara Rossi

Those pics are fantastic! I can imagine all the fun you two must have had taking their pics!

danni p

adorable girls. those will make for some great sb pages.
hey girl, were going to nyc in march for my b.day(40th). you are more than welcome to join us. mrs erin should be coming too. im just saying.;0)


girl, these pics are GORGEOUS!!! Love all of them! I love when they're walking down the street, cute!!!

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